Sunday, January 20, 2013

Osric: The story so far pt 4 (Return to the dark crypt of kas the bloody)

We decide to return to the original dungeon of Kas the bloody. We decide to take some extra henchmen and cleverly clear out the town of the most bloody thirsty and sociopathic bandits at the same time (Compliments was another bandit village that we are cleaning up. Dungeons are a great way to thin the herd per Jenks reasoning). Scabs (Gnome Thief), Chester (Thief, son of chester but is dwarf sized), Renault (fighter henchman of scabs), Dan (fighter henchman of Jenks), Donna (Fighter 1 rescuee from the goblin tribe), Jenks (human druid) and his charmed jackals (killer and slaughter) and some random bandits head out. A week of snowy travel with a heavily burdened horse gets us back to the dungeon.

The tone was set early when the horse wasn't supported by the floor over the pit trap and his dying whinnies summoned some repopulating goblins. In the bandits old room we faced a tough fight and lost a bandit or two. Overall our second trip was less lethal, but we did need to contend with the henchmens evil stupid ways, and some repopulated areas (of goblins mostly) with the first and second level. The GM played the NPCs well and we needed to micromanage them and specifically mention traps that we knew about to not lose them to idiotic acts. There was also some obvious looting of bodies that the bandits would report as 'nothing of value'. We finally managed to clear out the second floor tribe, including their fungus farms.

The last room we found had a magically bound door. We were unable to pick the lock nor break it down, even after we removed the hinges. Using stone shape Jenks managed to open a hole in the wall and we immediately enter combat with a small group of goblins. The one of the surviving jackals that Jenks had races off to the east in the dark. As our group is slaughtering the goblins there is some chanting and a arch of lightning blasts through the room....and our group. Donna, Killer, the final bandits are all killed. Renault is nearly dead as well. The goblin fungus shaman from our previous visit has been rediscovered. We manage to down him, but our party is sorely hurt. Dan is saddened by the passing of Donna (who he had given a magic ring to earlier in the session). We decide it is fitting that she passed in wiping out the tribe that imprisoned her and ate her friends.

We decide to end our adventure here with resting, but we still have 4 major areas to investigate. 2 doors leading to a room with deeper more guttural voices in them (we think orcs). A cooridor with a floating skull that demands a magic item to pass. The door where a fireball trap was that leads to a dueregar area. A incredibly long corridor leading to the south that we suspect may lead to the dueregar area as well.

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