Monday, December 15, 2014

6MMRPC:Week 15 Russian Infantry Complete!

I'm late with the posting, as this is actually the start of week 16, but I wanted to finish the last few steps this earlier this evening so I wouldn't stretch these guys out another week. I'm finally completed all the Russian infantry figs I received right before starting the challenge. Considering October was completely taken up by zombies, that means it took about 10 weeks to finish. Pretty bad actually, although I was distracted by various other items and a second job (taking me over full time).

I noticed as I was laying these guys out to photograph them with the earlier figs that I went through the effort of painting the edge brown when I'm supposed to paint it black. DOH! Wasted paint AND time. Such weak-sauce.

These are the contents of 1 box of plastic russians, 1 artillery pack (licorne), and 2 metals packs (jaegers skirmishing & grenadier command advancing).

I still need to paint up some command figs for these guys, but it's nice to be mostly done.

A bit of background here....Doug from Dots of Paint blog, convinced a number of us to all paint Russians to set up for a big borodino game. He posted the OOB broken down into the required bases. I took Tuchkov's 3rd corp, which only requires 2 grenadier, 1 line, 1 jaeger, and 1 artillery. I've overshot by 1 line and 1 jaeger. If I can finish my cavalry requirements in a prompt fashion, and the other members aren't overally productive, I may claim another corp to work on.
Of course, there is the reduced hobby activity related to the holidays. At least a few nights have been taken up with decorating, having a party, and christmas cards.

My wife has some degu's as pets (they are dessert rodents from South America). She makes clever holiday pictures to print on the cards and send out. Considering these beasties chew everything and can't tolerate sugar (being naturally diabetic) it's actually quite tricky to pull off. I have been drafted (willingly) to assist for the last two years.

Hope you are all having a good (and productive) holiday season. 


  1. Naturally diabetic rodents....? O_o Wow, new to me.

    Finished troops are sterling sir. Damned fine end result.

    Merry Xmas!

    1. It sounded a bit weird to me at first, but I suppose when you live in the dessert, you aren't going to be accessing much in the way of sweat or watery things. They get pretty excited about eating the bark off fruit trees, so it's a pretty low bar for their 'dessert'.

      Thanks for the kind words. I'm most happy about the jaegers, but when everything is ranked up it looks pretty nice.

    2. They look very good. You actually have the first complete formation done as far as I know. The Battle of Borodino is now just that much closer!
      cheers and all the best

    3. Complete except for commanders.....
      I also need to finish up my cavalry commitment. But I agree, Borodino is closer in terms of project completion as well as time (*tick tick tick*).

      Thanks for sharing the link with the other players as well.

  2. Fantastic work! I've been slacking considerably lately so you're progress is inspiring. I will hopefully not be putting in 120hrs at work this week and may actually manage to get something done.

    1. Thanks! It feels really good to have a large group of figs (for the same purpose) finished.

      I'd hardly consider it slacking if you are putting in that much time at work. *barf*. Does that include on-call stuff? Or is it literally 120hrs of working steadily/frenetically? I can't quite wrap my head around it....

  3. I work 24hr shifts, so I put in 5 days straight at two of the busiest firehouses in the city...yeah it was fun....