Sunday, February 8, 2015

6MMRPC: Week 23 Perry Miniatures Russian Dragon & Cuirassier

I've managed to polish off the last of my Perry Miniatures (wave 1). Much of the work was done at the same time as the officers, but last week I got antsy and finished off the officers to show some progress.

I'm rather happy with how these guys turned out. I must say the smaller pics look much sharper than when you zoom in across the whole computer screen.

I think my favorite horses are the rather orangey ones. They do, however, manage to avoid getting to an unnatural tone.

From the back the figs do look a little bland, as the regimental colours (blue) are a lot less obvious.

The cuirassier I decided to choose a festive colour of pink. It turns out I only have about 3 shades of pink, and one is positively neon. I may need to try and expand the range a bit (or even it out), but honestly, one doesn't get to paint with pinks very often. I may have to track down some girly figures to create a paint need.

The red lining on the armour was a bit tricky, and therefore got a little sloppy. I'm also not entirely happy with the coppery colour on the side flask. But these are fairly minor quibbling. I'm sure they will look just fine on the tabletop field of battle.

Outstanding items for pretty much the entire force are:
-Add some chunk foliage to the bases to make them more interesting.
-Add an identifier colour to the bottom of the bases (so i don't lose my figs when the lot of us join forces to play Borodino).
-Varnish my figs. I noticed, in particular, some chipped primer off the metals very early. I'm not sure if I didn't lay down a think enough layer of primer, or should have rinsed with soap and water my figs before hand. I'd like to protect the paint jobs from the rigors of handling/gaming. The great fear is the frosting effect, so I do need to wait for a low humidity day....which in the pacific northwest may occur briefly in july.  *sigh*


  1. Painting pink is a bugger. Second only to yellow or white.

    Latest batch of minis look smashing sir.

    1. Thanks very much Dai.

      I don't actually find white to be hard. I find yellow to be a huge challenge. I keep thinking it's the paints I get......but I suspect it's purely a PITA regardless.

  2. Bloody lovely! It's funny, your pics of finished nap figures makes me remember again why I refuse to get into Napoleonics in 28mm, I couldn't do the painting justice haha!

  3. Thanks! I think I've already mentioned that I'm really happy with these guys. I have to say that I'm glad I cut my teeth painting naps in 15mm. It gives a lot of practice of the basic stuff....and gives some fine control challenges. Then when you scale up, you can start to add the stuff you skip in the smaller scale, but you still have the brush control to do so.