Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Reaper Bones: Muriel Twinspar

Yet another Bones miniature. I have to say, I appreciate the monday deadline to get these things done. I obviously work better with deadlines.

My wife was a bit disappointed in this mini, as it's a typical under dressed, over busty, unbelievable body shape, female fantasy trope. Can't say I really disagree. Her generous endowment did allow me to practice my skin tones however.

I was hoping for a more rosy/ruddy colour, but I used reapers flesh was and was quite unhappy with the results. I will stick with vallejo sepia, or GW devlan mud in the future (mind you, I really like reapers paints). As a result, I needed to work hard getting back to a reasonable skin tone, which brought the tone too light.

I ended up preping and priming all 4 pirate figures (that I noticed) from Bones 1. So this is why there's a run of these figures. I tried to match up the colours a bit to make them appear to belong together. Unfortunately the bases are quite different, so the effect is lessened. We shall see this next weekend.


  1. Unbelievable bodyshape??? Looks like a figure a few I'd known in my single days. Whilst not all that common, it is out there.

    Regardless, I think she looks great. Very fun sculpt with a complimentary paint job.

    1. Ugh... need to re-read before I hit publish....

      Supposed to say "Looks like the figure of a few girls I'd known in my single days."

      Don't even have the excuse of alcohol - I'm at work!

  2. I suppose tight enough clothing does a lot of sculpting....
    Funnily enough I read it exactly as you meant it, then the second post made me try and re-read what you ACTUALLY typed.

  3. Ha! O well then.
    You're not wrong on the tight clothing tho. Almost false advertising in some cases - like us men, sucking in our guts.