Sunday, June 14, 2015

6 MMRPC Week 2: Bones Townsfolk and Plaster casting

I've been continuing to plug away at the bones miniatures. I managed to finish off 3 of the townsfolk models, although it would appear I missed another one or two that came in the set. I'll have to track them down at some point.

I often end up painting multiple models and using the same paint colour on all of them (to finish off what I've squeezed out of the bottles). It appears that a deep red is a popular colour in this town. Perhaps not surprising, as I'm sure a town couldn't support more than one or two clothiers.

I'm reasonably happy with the group. I think I intended on painting some trim on the lady (I think of this one as the inn keepers wife), but it escaped me. The slightly rouge cheeks turned out well. The inn keeper on the other hand ended up with wonky eyes and overly pink/red lips. Ah well. 

Some more time was taken up this week cutting up some bases in mdf (not worth a picture), as well as casting up some terrain. I had been very impressed with Thomas' vietnam terrain (Here) quite a few weeks ago, and wanted some of this rocks for groundscatter. He extended an offer to break out his casting equipment once I acquired some plaster. After sourcing some hydrocal, and having our schedules line up, we spent a few hours banging out terrain (paid for with a lunch bribe).

I'm sure this stuff will make an appearance during the challenge so I won't give too many hints as to what I got. I did question whether I should burn a joker on my acquisitions, but apparantly terrain doesn't count so........I may not. Seems like an easy loop hole to abuse.


  1. Terrain also apparently doesn't count if painted up if I recall correctly.

    Love the townsfolk. I've been wanting the set for my rpg sessions, but have yet to order.

    1. Wait, so it counts if it's unpainted, and doesn't count if painted?

      I have ended up collecting much townsfolk models. Some of them are armed with farming implements, so may be in the field, or may be defending themselves. One day perhaps they will get painted too!