Sunday, June 21, 2015

6MMRPC Week 3: Follow the light!

 It's nice to get to bash out some simple terrain pieces from time to time. These light poles were part of a large order I made from Critical mass games a very (very) long time ago. They have since been removed from their catalogue, but I sorta like them.

It took me forever to decide on the colours, do a image search for light poles, and there's really not that much that is interesting/inspiring. I eventually decided to go for the colours of my human sci fi force. Also the poles around here are mostly green if not mounted off of treated wood.

I attempted to catch a view of the light effects, there is a bit of white down the blue section, but it's too dark here. Probably b/c the camera is angled up towards the lamp. It is a fun photo though. You can see one of my more advance unfinished projects at the end. A teaser, I suppose, for some upcoming figs.

The bases come from Proxie Models who have a bunch of well priced handy bases, and some other useful things. A 15mm tank that looks suspiciously like a Leman Russ for the 15mm warhammer set.

The beveled bases (barely seen on the spearman) I'm a big fan of, allowing you to pick up the bases instead of the figure, thereby preserving your paint job better.


  1. Arab spearmen!? Perhaps some Saga in the future?

    Lamp posts... Interesting and simple models. I like!

    1. Haha, Yes. My friend Cameron wants us to play Saga Crescent and Cross. I should be able to finish that project off in the not too distant future, if the lures of painting horses repossesses me.

    2. Horses... Ugh. Painting my own 15mm Confederate Cavalry has stalled because painting horses and all their tack is an utter pig. Good luck!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks. It was a struggle to decide on colours (as it often is with me), but I'm pretty happy with how they turned out. It's sorta unfortunate that the lamp posts are discontinued now....ho hum.