Sunday, December 7, 2014

6MMRPC: Week 14 Russian Napoleonic Grenadiers

Lest anyone be mistaken that I was extra productive this week, I'll admit that these guys were probably half done prior to zombtober, and I just recently picked them up having finished the jaegers. The first post of December is quite exciting as it marks the beginning of the second half of the 6MMRPC challenge. Only 3 months until I can start buying things again and undue all my hard work. Oh joy.

Back to the figs, theses are (again) perry plastics. The box can be set up to make jaegers, fusilier, or grenadier (the only differences are the hats and some subtle colour changes). I also have a few leads in here (also Perry). The grenadier command pack I wanted to use to try and add some extra variety into my stands. The clue to recognizing them is that they don't have the musket parked on their shoulder.

I think the jaegers I finished last week are slightly better done (as they are, functionally, the last set I painted fully from beginning to end), and I like the extra variety in hats and poses they had (and the sharp looking yellow). I haven't done much looking at the Russians, and maybe I'm missing out on all sorts of facing (collar/cuff) colours I could be using, but it seems to me the French have better variety.

Nice photo to the right showing some of the red turnbacks. Most of the fig poses you can't even see them. 

I like the start of the drummers saw tooth pattern on the drum edge. This will be cleaned up when I paint with some white. 

One stick is fully completed. The other three still have the red and white to do, which is what finally makes them pop. It's amazing what final touches of colour can do for figs.


  1. 15mm Napoleonic Russians were my first foray into historical wargaming some.... 20 or so years ago. Seeing all this well painted green uniforms is rather stirring. Maybe I'll get an Officer or something to paint up for old time's sake? (After the end of the 6MMRPC of course.)

    1. An officer would be a fun single model! All the gold braid, big hat, and multicoloured piping. Great stuff.

  2. In all honesty, the French are worse for the "boredom" factor as they are all the same AND ALL have the annoying piping (thin edging colour) on all their clothing parts.
    In comparison, the Russian line infantry, while all the same, are in simple seasonal Christmas colours of green and red. So perfect to work on during the Holidays! :-)

    Good work on them!

    1. Thanks Doug =).
      I hadn't considered the Christmas colours, but I suppose that is both true and very fitting.