Sunday, June 28, 2015

6MMRPC Week 4: Bones Aina, plaster rocks, pinning the jabberwock

We are rounding out the first month of the challenge. It's been very impressive seeing the volumes of figures some people have managed to finish weekly. I keep telling myself that 6 months is a long time, and if I can continue to reliably finish at least 2 a week, I'll be making a sizeable dent in the collection. It's a bit of a lie, if I only achieve 52 figs, but I have hopes for some large project completions as well.

This week I finished off Aina, yet another Bones figure. She was in my painting queue in the intersession, but I fell off the painting wagon. I finally finished her, and was quite happy with the result. I was vaguely inspired by recently re-reading Lloyd Alexanders Prydain chronicles, and wanted a 'Eilonwy' type character. She struck me as a fairly strong female character, although I'm not entirely sure my wife would agree.

The free handed shield is not quite symmetrical, and the hair isn't *quite* as red/copper as I'd wish, but otherwise I'm very happy. Unfortunately in a true bones fashion, her sword is bent, and despite being bent back with hot water, I don't think I 'quenched' it well in cold water, so it migrated back to the bent shape. Boo.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

6MMRPC Week 3.5: Autumn Bronzeleaf

Yet another Bones figure done for the Caffeineforge blog lineup. In hindsight, blue is not a particularly 'autumn' colour I suppose.

Numerous critiques here, looking at the mini under the unforgiving camera eyeball. Black hair is hard to do well, without it looking shot with grey. The staff is under highlighted (in fact, I don't think I did it at all). I probably should have gone with less metallics (such as her shin guards). The right thigh is a bit rough, so makes the skin job look much worse than I think it is.

I was hoping for a very light, ethereal blue, but I suppose I lack the paints to achieve that. I'm okay with the final blue colour, but it's not what I originally set forth to do. I feel like this mini could easily be more than it currently is, but I'm not sure what I'd need to add to get there.

One more down on the Bones marathon endeavor.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

6MMRPC Week 3: Follow the light!

 It's nice to get to bash out some simple terrain pieces from time to time. These light poles were part of a large order I made from Critical mass games a very (very) long time ago. They have since been removed from their catalogue, but I sorta like them.

It took me forever to decide on the colours, do a image search for light poles, and there's really not that much that is interesting/inspiring. I eventually decided to go for the colours of my human sci fi force. Also the poles around here are mostly green if not mounted off of treated wood.

Friday, June 19, 2015

6MMRPC Week 2.75 Zalash Dark Elf Assasin

My "Wednesday" mid week post is quite late this week. I've been fairly distracted with roleplaying games, and the miserable saga of my motorbike. Let me spare no encouragement to stabilize your gas if you are planning on parking a vehicle for more than a few months (let alone nearly 2 years).

I finished this fellow off, yet another Bones addition. He was in the Caffeine forge line up, which I managed to fall out of sync with shortly after the last painting challenge ended. I'm trying to work forward and back to get up to speed.

Zalash is a fairly weird spindly sculpt that I've seen more than one person criticize. He's certainly different. I sorta thought he was some creepy undead assassin, but apparently not. He may have control issues over his destiny and be fighting back by starving himself. This guy needs some counseling.

I feel like I ought to have given his weapons some sort of glow or poison effect. Maybe some more highlighting on the leg wraps? I dont' really think he should 'pop' so much, but I feel like he is missing something.......can't put my finger on what that something is though.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

6 MMRPC Week 2: Bones Townsfolk and Plaster casting

I've been continuing to plug away at the bones miniatures. I managed to finish off 3 of the townsfolk models, although it would appear I missed another one or two that came in the set. I'll have to track them down at some point.

I often end up painting multiple models and using the same paint colour on all of them (to finish off what I've squeezed out of the bottles). It appears that a deep red is a popular colour in this town. Perhaps not surprising, as I'm sure a town couldn't support more than one or two clothiers.

I'm reasonably happy with the group. I think I intended on painting some trim on the lady (I think of this one as the inn keepers wife), but it escaped me. The slightly rouge cheeks turned out well. The inn keeper on the other hand ended up with wonky eyes and overly pink/red lips. Ah well. 

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

6MMRPC Week 1.5: Bones Nova Corp Sgt

This is yet another submission to the CaffeineForge weekly bones mini It's certainly not a contest, more a friendly pressure to paint and share results. Definitely motivational for those of you with unpainted bones figs (and who doesn't have a lot?).

In about 2 weeks there is a speedpainting version, where we try and bang out as many of the other novacorp mooks as possible. With this in mind, I tried to go for an easy paint job. I also wanted to have some sort of sci-fi forward colour that really makes no sense as a modern bit of kit.....hence the purple. I used the opportunity to fill in some gaps in my paint collection as well.

I'm not entirely sure about using the leather colour for the straps, but it is fairly high contrast. Grey was already getting used for the between armour sections (possibly not very noticeable) and other gear, so that was out. I tried to re-iterate the colours of the limited pallete in the base as well. The nice thing about all the novacorp figs is they have similar bases that will really pull the group together.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

6MMRPC Week 1: Bones Undertaker & Flesh Golem

Going with the theme of 'finishing things off', I've completed these two figs, who were in partial states of work for a while. Indeed, I've own the lead version of the undertaker or *years* with no work on him. The lead version will now be retired to the 'get rid of' pile.

I was hoping to create some semblance of 'belonging' with these two figs. Hopefully the common dark red, and the glowing pulls them together. Obviously the undertaker is sourcing the tissue for the creation of the flesh golem. I tried to use all my skin tones for this repulsive creature. Who knows if there is another master of the dark arts who breathed 'life' into the beast.....

To critique the figs, I'm not a fan of my basing colour. Luckily this is pretty easy to go back and fix in the future. The eye sockets of the golem are a bit too light (flesh tone), and the darkest flesh tone didn't highlight up very well. I had contemplated trying to make some angry red borders between the various skin tones, but time defeated me, and I was afraid I'd run an otherwise decent paint job. Otherwise, I'm fairly pleased with the two. 

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

2nd Annual 6MMRPC: The plan - trays of shame

Currently working on this stuff....sorta
And we're off! Lots of folks seem to be keen on having plans for the reduction challenge. I found that I'm much happier when I can kite from item to item. I often get hung up on choosing colours half way into a project, and decide to 'step back'. I have therefore accrued many....many.....half painted project. Though to call them half painted is probably a bit generous.

One of my new years resolutions, and my reduction plan, is to try and attack these half painted monsters and get them out of the dusty queue. Lets have a look a a few of them, though I need to point out there are still things that are in transport boxes and packed away that I haven't photographed, to say nothing of the unassembled and/or unpainted stuff.