Friday, June 29, 2018

Dutch Red Lancers - Perry Miniatures

These guys are colorful and actually a treat to paint. As much as napoleonics are generally considered bright and finicky, sometimes you hit paydirt and get a unit like this. What a color explosion!

I know essentially nothing about these troops. They were part of the imperial guard, so obviously are  fairly elite. The nationality is not totally unusual as there are a number of formations in the Grande Armee that Napoleon simple ported over from their parent army and occasionally redressed. Why ruin a crack unit when you can 'borrow' it? The benefits of empire I suppose.

This jpeg I managed to find online and was totally invaluable in painting the unit. I wish it was easier to find stuff like this, as napoleonic uniforms can be confusing at the best of times.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Russian Dragoons & Officers - Perry miniatures

And now for a big change...more napoleonics! Russians at least. I was 'short' some Russian cav, so I ordered and painted up some more dragoons. The officers I believe were moldering away half finished for quite some time, so I finished them at the same time.

I suspect the officer with the sword high is actually a warlord figure, but I might be confused.

Friday, June 15, 2018

French Headquarters - Perry Miniatures

As part of a larger Perry order I grabbed the 'Napoleon and Staff' collection. It's fun to have some recognizable figures/personalities on the board. I actually had already painted a napoleon I grabbed out of a box at a convention, so I handed this new one off to a local gamer who didn't have one (and therefore *needed* one).

I probably could have crowded more figs onto one base, but I figured this was good enough. 

Saturday, June 9, 2018

French Imperial Guard Cannon - Perry Minatures

More Imperial Guard on parade today. I need two bases for Enfilade but decided I might as well finish the requirements for Waterloo (4). I'm not sure that I will use the horse artillery as horse artillery, but we'll see. I have vague plans to have different colored dice (there's a dice frame on each base to track strength) for horse artillery.
 The horse artillery always looks a bit more glamorous with their extra lace and curved swords.

 My picture setup is a bit lacking right now. So apologies for the terrible 'background'.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Enfilade 2018 - Random picture Extravaganza

Here is a collection of photos that are essentially random. I ran around snapping them when I had moments during my own games. I can hazard guesses at some of the rules, but largely I'm not too sure what most of them were. Enjoy!

Zombie game....home brew perhaps? There was some card use for some events and you gained money or points to buy/upgrade your weapons. 

Large scale CarWars. Not sure which edition. 

A series of  connected Pulp Alley games based on the Fallout franchise.

Painting Table

 All quiet on the Martian Front. This was a pretty challenging scenario from the book.....the enormous rampart is pretty frickin difficulty for the earthmen to have any chance of climbing.
 Tesla something.....Tesla war maybe? Cute figs.

 Classic battletech without hexes.

Friday, June 1, 2018

Enfilade 2018 - Eylau. Doug Hamm. General du Corp.

Saturday morning at enfilade we played Enfilade. Doug has been organizing these games for quite a few years now, and he sends a group of us an email and demands to know which command we are planning to take and when we will have our troops painted up for it. It's worked very well for my collection and productivity to be honest.

This year I elected to take the Imperial guard in it's rather abbreviated state. Finishing my figs roughly a week before go time. The French were facing an impressive amount of Russian troops....most concerning to use was the disparity in strength points AND artillery. Later in the game I realized that the Russians also had an artillery reserve that was replenishing their depleted batteries. Zut Alors!

 My small command to the left, just behind Eylau. To the right is the impressively large Cavalry Reserve.

Soult was the French left flank, just to my left. He faced multiple waves of Russians and did a very credible job of blunting their attack. 

In the Centre I held back as I was meant to be a reserve. Being a small force it's pretty easy to force morale checks so I tried to stay out of cannon range. As is typical the moment my guard entered gun range, everything that could fire at them did.
The right wing was far away from me so I didn't collect a lot of info. It was the main event of the battle.

Once again on the left flank we see Soult has consolidated further left to try and cut down on the cannon fire and troops able to hit him at the same time. It's opening a gap that the guard shuffled up to fill. Another Russian corp is moving straight at Eylau. 
 The French cavalry reserve is now forced forward and rapidly comes under punishing cannon fire. The guard meanwhile continue to do their best to hold back.
Top right of the photo you can see a fresh french corp arrives. This was handled by Doug himself, who admits to having terrible dice rolls and questionable tactical ability. It's nice to have a fall guy to blame for defeats. 

 On the left we see the guard finally enter combat. They successfully manage to break the Russian morale of one corp. Soult is wavering and very solid rolls keep him in the line.

The centre Russian corp is also close to some critical morale checks.
 The french cavalry has force a number of units into square, which the limited french artillery punish. They are setting up to hit the centre Russian corp and could easily knock it down in conjunction with the guard. Things are looking tough, but manageable.
 A fresh Prussian corp arrives to bolster the Russians. Soult has done great service and stands little chance of even slowing down the german threat. 
A critical die roll is flubbed. The French cavalry reserve throws a 1 on a morale check and begins to break. They have one more chance to avoid complete disintegration, needing a 6 on their check the next turn. Alas, they vaporize as a force leaving a gaping hole in the centre. Soult is a spent force and even the guard strength is running out fast. Both Russian and French corp on the (french) right have been failing to advance or recoiling due to morale effects. Mid top of the picture shows the untouched Russian reserve moving towards the 'rupture point''s clear that the Russians have score a victory, most likely major at that.

Debriefing: Doug takes pride that his scenarios often yield very close to historical results. He was a bit put off by this. Historically the French crashed through the Russians when they engaged with their cavalry. It was noted that the Russians did a lot of standing around and were unwilling to engage due to terrible visibility (snowing) and uncertainty re: french strength.
A number of us felt that the Russians probably had too much strength (each base was on par with the french, but the Russians had far more bases).
Everyone seemed to have a good time. I think the French probably stayed together longer than was expected (Soult in particular had some solid morale rolls), so a bit 'tuning' of the scenario is probably called for. We may see Eylau featured in this blog again.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Enfilade 2018 - Thar be pirates 'ere by Mark Johanson. Blood and Plunder.

Saturday night I played in a pirate game using the newish rules: Blood & Plunder. I've been hunting for a pirate rule set I like so I make an effort to try out new rules when I can.

The setup is that 3 pirate hunters have located the pirates safe cove and are coming in to burn em out. The pirates must resist. The pirates are outmatched on all 3 ships, but have a gun emplacement on a small island and, unknown to the hunters at the beginning, also have a few canoes with extra pirates who can row out and board.

The game was run by a great guy and his son from the Seattle area. Some liberties had been taken with the rules to try and make them play faster (notably all the ships on a side took an activation per card, rather than having everyone wait while each player did his thing).

Mark cleverly had a bunch of wood rulers with the range modifiers painted on in colour bands so it was trivial to figure out modifiers....slick move there.

You can see this in the right.

Early game one of the hunters took a mobility hit (spar and rigging damage) and was shortly thereafter boarded by it's opponent. The canoes, scenting blood, rowed in, using the pirate ship as cover from the hunter at the top of the pic (blue with green racing stripe). Hilariously, everyone started to board that melee. The blue/green hunter boarded the back of the black pirate ship, and the red lined pirate ship moved in to join as well.

Meanwhile my own pirate crew was getting methodically murdered by crack musketeers in the third pirate hunter. It was a combo of being outclassed, not having a great plan, and my opponent having above average rolls. Overall it was clear the hunters were going to get a solid win in this game.

Rules wise, I don't think this is the ruleset for me. It has some interesting features around playing cards to select who activates, and the 'later' the card the more actions you get that activation. There were a variety of special skills, and rules to hit, to save, and a multi step morale status (with decreasing activations, then pinned/shaken, the routing).

I didn't really like that you need relatively large numbers of figs (units are typically 6, and you'd probably have at least 3 units per side. I'm looking for more like a dozen tops). The activation, while interesting, could be streamlined. I'm not sure I care enough about extra actions for the late cards for the extra time/thought to deal with this aspect. Cannon reloading is painfully slow. Ships seem pretty resilient and crew saves seemed to be in the 50% range. Arguably convention games never play fast, but I can't see this rule set playing as fast as I'd like, given the difficulty in carving out game time in my life these days.