Friday, January 14, 2022

2022 Trays of Shame (3)

Damn there is a lot of stuff to do. And of course this isn't considering the 'ought to' projects at all (like my cowboys). Onward to shame!


These are some awesome alternate Blood bowl sculpts. I can't remember the producer right now. It's a japanese theme of goblins (oni as trolls, ninja and various masked fighters). Some contrast paint use. I got stalled waiting for a bit to come which had been missing in the first shipment (I also primed the second stuff incorrect as seen on the top right). 





 Reaper (metal) ghosts and banshee. Contrast paints looking good! Really probably just need to do the eyes, and possible some clothes in a differing colour.







 Scatter terrain galore! 15mm largely. GZG I think. Some ramshackle stuff for 28mm. Also some HO train terrain in the bottom left which is a bit of a pain to pick out all the stuff from the rust coloured primer. Just a grunt which made me drop it.









 Brigade aeronefs. Part of a kickstarter for imperial skies. I have the french painted. Lost my gas on the Brits. The are probably acutally pretty close, but doing light colours over black primer and finely lined decks is a hassle. 

Renedra cots and fire pits. 

Micro art studios triplex advertisement things for Infinity. I'm stuck on whether to put them on the raised based or not. Its funny what simply things can make you screech to a halt.



28mm naps. French from warlord and perry. I realize all my naps largely get stuck on the patch painting of black of just after. 







 CONGO forest tribes. Models from foundry. Got a great deal off tmp. I have the zanibari slavers painted. I though the mostly skin guys would be an easy project. Boredom vs ooooo shiney syndrome. Hard to remember.










 Game Craft miniatures. I've had this way too long (ambush alley days). Wanted some colour other than neutral might be too bold. I was thinking of doing some free hand curlycues around the windows, doors and roof lines. Hung up on actually doing it and the question of should I weather it (and how to weather pink).



Tuesday, January 11, 2022

2022 Trays of Shame (2)

 A continued dive into my collection of stuff. But more importantly....stuff I ought to be painting and finishing off or it will get more dusty. 

A bunch of reaper bones. I was working on these as part of a weekly caffeine (something) challenge. They were steadily working through the bones releases. It was great while I was on the train. 

Mostly undead. We also have some chainmail dwarves and GW dwarves (as a mordheim warband). A few other random things in there including a GW centaur (ugly sculpt I got in a give away box from a friend). 

The rest of the GW garden of Morr plus a random plinth with no statue. I got hung up on questions of basing or not (the walls are pretty tippy). I'm close to inking so this could.....could.....go quickly. 

Battletech! Actually these were black at the start of December. So yay me. They came out more yellow than brown as I had hoped. Need to decide on secondary colour and what gubbins get painted black/silver/whatever. 

These guys have been painted for a LONG TIME. I spent time trying to build up the red so it was gradual and didn't need more highlighting. Fail. 

At this point I need to highlight and then start doing the gubbins. There's a few at the back who are mostly done. White and gold (plus some black) are the secondary colours. I suspect I need something else too. 

An awesome BT dropship. The scale is all wrong but it was intended for 15mm anyway. Problem is.....colour. I dont' want all grey. But ummmm. not sure what to do right now. Or like, for the very many years before now.

Cheap lightweight foam casts. Part of a big order from.......microart studios maybe? They are primed in coloured primer. Just need to ink them and highlight. The trick, of course, is I might have trouble getting the right colour. 

And weathering and serial numbers and stuff. These ought to be easy. Maybe a pallette cleanser at some point.

Saturday, January 8, 2022

2022 Trays of shame (1)

In the spirit of attending to my trays of shame, mentioned in numerous years of resolutions, I'm going to take stock of what I have. Due to the crappy blogger editor I've already written this it will be more abbreviated this time.

Generally speaking I favour painting what you are feeling. It's a heck of a lot easier to make progress with painting joy rather than a slog or simply staring at your colours hemming and hawing (or having to repaint things! Arg!). 

I hope to be publicly shamed if I don't actually make progress on some of this stuff this year. Better, I hope to have some awesome before and after pics of what I've actually done. 

It's always fun to see what you can spot in the background of peoples this case, the fun stuff should be in the actual focus of the photos. 

First up, the true 'trays'. 15mm kickstarter ghosts of hefei fabricants and investigators. Infinity computer consoles. GW garden of morr statue. Fenris models fish fountain. GZG androids and field gun. 15mm uk adventurers (I think this is the second set I have, the first actually being painted).

Ion age retained knights. GZG grav cycles with head swaps for retained knights. 'Prang' as orc nob proxies. Some manufacturer I forget the name of on the right. I got a drop ship from them and ended up with some bonus figs in the kickstarter. (Surprise....unpainted).

Ion age 'adder' hovercraft. Old crow car. Ramshackle ore bins and equipment cases as scatter terrain (I have a heap of these).

Microart studios shanty huts. Hoping to use with cowboys I wanted aged wood. The test inking didn't work so I got stymied and stopped for the time being.

GW orces. chainmail orc shaman & sergeant. Ramshackle dungers. bones pathfinder goblins. A rare instance of using contrast paints. This is meant to be for frostgrave and/or general fantasy.

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Romanian Tacam R-2: prequel and sequel

 While hunting for pictures for my new year "resolution" post I ran into some pics of the original print. It's kinda fun to see what is going on with this project. 

 The printer lays down layers sequentially to build up the objects, and due to the analog nature of FDM printers (i.e. it has pulleys and squirts out bits of goop from a print head) there will always be some print artifact. The 'layer lines' are usually the worst culprint. FDM also totally sucks at 'overhangs' as the plastic needs plastic or something firm underneath to prevent it from drooping as it cools (this is all sounding increasingly phallic). 

I decided with the front as the 'top'. I also needed to through a bunch of cylindrical supports to prevent the inside from looking like gravy and to help stabilize the whole thing (prints can be rocked off by the movement of the print head. 

I was actually very pleased with the quality of this print. I've had much worse to be honest. The supports all came off very cleanly and easily as well and the model didn't need much clean up.

Friday, December 31, 2021

2021/2022 Zen: Failure at nothing or success of nothing?

An obligatory new year post. I made no hobby resolutions this year so..... I win? It seems a bit weak though. Much like 2020, the year 2021 has been disrupted by small children, covid, and the sundries of life.

I was able to get in a couple of wargames with friends (in person!). A couple of blog posts were created. And towards the end of the year I had a burst of painting productivity (which shall most likely be revealed in the near future). I have managed to stay *somewhat* productive in other parts of the year with cleaning of minis, and assembly.....but honestly they don't make for much interest in a post.

Matakishi's teahouse has a hobbystreak thing he has done. I guess he posts a pic on twitter everyday. I do take a lot of photos that just never really make it off my phone into the blog for one reason or another. I am toying with the idea of having a feed that the blog links to that at least shows I'm alive and productive. Noteworthy results would merit full posts. Something to ponder as a project for the new year. 

Dawn of the lead has a great 2021 recap. I was a bit inspired when I first read it. Now it's a bit of a leap to 'commit' to a resolution. I think that I will try to:

1/. revisit the "Tray of Shame" and get some of the crud out of there.  

2/. jump start a stalled project

I leave you with the best hope and wishes for the coming year...may things improve next year. Please enjoy the pictures of art brought home by my daughter which makes me think she has had close encounters with the Cthulhu 'Mythos'. 



Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Romanian Tacam R2 Tank Destroyer - 28mm 3d print

 I'm recently been chipping away at a variety of figs and this one is close enough for photos! 


I have been possessed to paint up a 28mm Romanian WW2 force. It seems like a perennial scale/period that comes back again and again (with different rules. Many years ago I read a book: '3 axis, 4th ally' which was an interesting look at the Romanians. Conveniently, for wargaming, they swapped sides late in the war and started attacking the Hungarians (who they really didn't like) and helped push on Germany. This means I have a bigger scope of opponents I can fight 'historically'. 

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

AAR: What a tanker (1st game)

4 corners type setup...eventually 2 more gamers showed
 Largely my gaming has had the crimp put on it by my young children (1.5, and 4.5). Besides the fatigue and time sink (big big time sink) involved with raising kids I don't feel great about abandoning my wife to manage two children for most of a day. It's hard when it happens to me so golden rule.....



Fortunately this weekend, one of the newer local gamers hosted "what a tanker" which is super easy to drop in/out of and it turns out he lived mere blocks away! I carved out 2 hours of daddy time (entirely thanks to the wife) to try out the (new to me) ruleset.



Soviets rushing forward. Already one Sherman brewed first turn
Each player took a single tank from Nick's 15mm collection. People trickled in so the rules were explained about 3 times before we started and in a most auspicious sign, everyone took pretty reasonable vehicles despite the numerous Tigers, Kingtigers, Jadzpanthers, IS-2's and SU-whatever is huge with a big gun in the box.  We saw a soviet Sherman, T34 (without the upgraded gun), Stug4, Su-76 (tank destroyer), panzer 4, and a marder. All largely 'mid war' stuff. 

Panzer 4 hiding in the trees still ends up taking heavy fire

What a Tanker has the active player roll 6 dice, and each dice result allows you to conduct different actions. Move, acquire, aim, fire, reload, and a wild die. Various tank abilities let you convert one of your dice into a set result (like fast lets you convert to a move, tank destroyer to an aim). The hilarity of the game is you often don't get the full spectrum of dice you need, so you are able to move to position, acquire and aim at the target but for some damned reason, your crew just can't seem to get that shell down range. This largely matches the friction of war and makes planning pretty challenging. Given the wild die and abilities you are often able to do *something* useful, even if it isn't turning your opponents into piles of flaming wreckage. 



A Sherman ices by Stug who was otherwise distracted


Target rolls are civilized (base 6+ to hit within a couple of feet) with a moderate number of bonuses/penalties, all of which are a single point change (aiming per dice used, obscured, each obstacle in the way, long range, target is small, etc). Once you hit there is another first full of dice rolled for the attacker it's 'strike' and the defender 'armour'. You are looking for 5+ (in most cases) and compare the difference in number of successes for the result of the hit. A great roll will see your opponent brew up immediately, but more often there is a steady loss of function (loss of command dice, and reduced effectiveness of actions). 



I was around for 2 hours which included set up, 3 rounds of rules explanations, and about 5 turns with 6 people. We had 3 tanks brewed up already, and I'm reliably informed that it got bloodier as it went on. The table was certainly sparse terrain wise, but it makes sense for an intro game. Russian steppe or something. I appreciate the ease with which a knocked out player can re-enter the game, and how simple the basic mechanics are to grok. Definitely a good ruleset to break out for beer and pretzels or a fun fun convention game. I'm not sure how it's make out for people who care about the actual results and a campaign system but what do I know, I've only played once for 2 hours. 

I'll tank this one as a play again.

A nice clean side shot on that T34 distracted me from the git in the woods