Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Reaper Bones: Oswald the Overladen

After a2 month hiatus I'm hoping I'm back into productive form. It's probably best that I warm up to posting regularly (and painting!) prior to the onset of the 6MMRPC.

Once again I've bashed out a Reaper Bones figure as part of the Caffeineforge challenge. The detailing on this guy was pretty fun. He has ridiculous amounts of leather satchels & bags, plus the archery gear, weapons, wizard reference text, langern, shield, fried chicken and cask of delicious beverage. And a blanket roll. I only assume the pair of knives strapped to his boot are his own personal equipment, rather than the gear his is obviously lugging for some adventurer.

To be sure, this load out reads like something off a RPG character sheet, with little regard for carrying requirements (encumbrance is usually SO TEDIOUS to track).

To critique the paint job: I'm pretty happy with how the face turned out. I forgot to highlight the blue sleeves, but I expect this guy would get pretty grubby. I'm torn as to whether I should have done some more types of green on the bottle. Unhappy with the axe near his face (too start the dirty side), and the ground could use some love.

Overall though, I decent enough table top standard for a lackey figure. Onwards!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

2nd Annual 6 month mountain reduction and painting challenge (6MMRPC)

The pre-season has begun! David at Spiderweb of History has taken the lead on burnishing the rules and started the collective dash of lemmings towards the mountains of lead.

 6MMRPC was a GREAT boon to my productivity last year (and this for that matter). It was quite fun to see fellow painters projects (or randomness) proceed and wonderful to have folks commenting with encouragement and suggestions.

While it may seem difficult, it's a very chill group and very few people managed to fulfill all the requirements (weekly postings were pretty hard). Even if it *reduces* your rate of miniature gain, you are ahead. It would be lovely to have more company, so any readers are welcome.

Actual rules (copied/pasted from David's post) posted after the break....

Friday, May 8, 2015

Playtesting Vietnam Cordon & Search

I was very fortunate recently to join in a game that Thomas hosted at his buildings activity room. Thomas is a fan of the Vietnam era, and has some lovely kit to game with, but has found that there isn't a rule-set that really resonates with him. Cribbing from a number of other games and synthesizing, he has been working on a set for the reinforced platoon/company level.

The rules largely use squads as the maneuver unit, but they can be broken down into fire teams. Activations are rolled at the beginning of the turn and allotted to units (pips essentially).  Units that become pinned/suppressed are *very* difficult to re-motivate. Army morale degrades by (semi) random value chit pulls after losing units. There are also some non-onerous spotting rules for effective (non suppressing) fire that make sense in the jungles.

More eye candy after the jump.....