Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Enfilade 2023 Picture dump

As per my last post, I headed down to Olympia, WA at the end of may for Enfilade. A lovely convention held each year on memorial day weekend. I hadn't been since before covid, so this was literal the most people I have seen in a room for 3 years...by a long shot. 

It was great to see familiar faces, and get some gaming in. I did a fair amount of running around taking pictures of various cool looking games. I thereby present them in a pictorial essay to follow. Minimal comments will follow as mostly I didn't know what the games were (or bother to spent time to figure out). 


The theme was 'War in the Desert'.

Blogger was cursed me by loading the pictures in reverse chronological order and I'm not willing to reorganize them....enjoy!

Friday, June 2, 2023

Enfilade 2023: Friday Easy Play Trafalgar (sails of glory)

Once again I made the pilgrimage down to Olympia, WA for enfilade. My organizational skills were miserable this year and I was punished by terrible traffic, and limited options for gaming (the best games get scooped early via pre registration). I found myself playing Trafalgar on Friday night with a gaming friend, Bob, who I mostly see at Enfilade yearly. Bob prefers to play the French, and notes that if you lose it's historical, and if you win you get to gloat.


 The setup for the game narrowed the action to where the British were cutting the French line. A significant chunk of the French line ended up out of the battle due to the wind and the remaining French got pasted by the better British ships with local superiority.

To add insult to injury the French are sailing VERY close to the wind and can't make a left/port turn without having a very good chance (~70%) of stalling (caught in irons). Problematically the French were so close to the edge of the table that they couldn't really turn to the right/starboard much either, or they'd run off the board. Easy play indeed....the scope for decisions was VERY limited. It might have been better to have the french run on auto pilot in some way.