Sunday, November 30, 2014

6MMRPC: Week 13 Napoleonic Russian Jaegers

Just a quick post, as I'm trying to beat the end of the week deadline, and I'd like to go to bed soon.
I pulled a bit of  late night in order to 'finish' these guys. I still need to get them on their bases (2 large bases), but I was excited to have the painting done before posting on my blog.

These are perry miniatures, plastics (with the forage caps) and metals (with the shakos). As far as I can tell, the major difference from the line troops is a slightly lighter green and the black webbing/harness rather than white. I used a fair amount of grey highlighting, as I'm not a fan of just black. The jaeger groups also have yellow ribbons with white tassel on their swords, yellow shoulder boards, and pom on their hats. A nice little splash of colour.

I'm actually rather happy with the outcome. The green loooked a bit splotchy earlier, but with the full colour palete it's less obvious. Beyond the unkind camera eye showing off the clay faces, they look pretty sharp in my mind.

I played another game of General du Corp (unpublished playtesting) on Thursday which was fun. It was a scenario we reset numerous times to try and get the scenario correct, but also tweaking the town fighting rules. I'll post up my thoughts and pics later this week, but you can check out Dougs posting here.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Blast from the past: Marauder Venators (Confrontation/Necromunda)

A post on Google+ caught my eye the other day with a picture of an old GW/Marauder/Citadel figure (here). These venerable old figs were for a predecessor to the necromunda rules. Crazy that back in the day GW would be making figures for a incomplete essentially unplayable system. I remember collecting White Dwarf magazines with fractions of these rules hoping to play, and even trying to make a gang (essentially unplayable due to the entirely random gear).

The figs themselves were quite characterful however, and numerous people picked them up, and eventually used them as human defence forces, or chaos cultists. I managed to get 3 of these guys in a trade, or cash purchase. I was playing necromunda (the spiritual successor to the confrontation rules) a lot at the time, and these guys fit well with my cawdor gang (masked religious nutters), the crimson zealots. The GW painted cawdor team was blue with a bit of red. I didn't want to copy exactly, but lacking a big sense of what colours might work well just inverted the scheme. I was happy enough with the results. 

Jean-Baptiste asked me for some pics of my figs, hence this post. Looking at these I wince a bit at the poor job done with the metallics and the masks. The colour choice is a bit too uniform as well. It's nice to see that in the 10 years since I painted them, I've achieved a bit of an improvement (in colour choice if not skill).

Sunday, November 23, 2014

6MMRPC: Week 12 - 15mm XCOM (snakemen and thin men)

Having a full blown case of hobby ADD, I've failed to make any progress on the multiple projects under 'progress'. I suspect this is why challenges are typically so hard to do.....many gamers want to flit like gadflies from project to project. I've probably mentioned it before, but I am appreciating more and more that painting whatever possesses you is probably more productive (in volume) than locking yourself into a project and timelines. The latter sounds a lot like work.

I worked on some 15mm figs I've had lurking in the drawers for a while. The snakemen are from critical mass mercenaries range, while the agents/thin men are from 'thesceneuk' authorities range (incidentally, thesceneuk has some create 'not-predator' special forces.

I shamelessly ripped off the snakemen paint job from another blog and obviously I'm not the first to like his idea (here).

I mentioned many moons ago the idea of xcom as a small scale game (also ripped off of the blogsphere). Probably very easy to do with programmed aliens for solo play as well. I think this is a reoccuring thought, as the computer game franchise remakes xcom and/or clones come out. I was, in fact, inspired to do these this week (and not much more) as a result of picking up an xcom clone called Xenonauts. Definitely an improved blast from the past of my highschool days.

The snakemen have only 5 poses. I wanted to do for a glowing energy weapon aesthetic. The green also pops quite well compared to the yellow/orange palette.

The re-release of xcom (which came out 1-2 years ago and is *very* good) had 'thin men'. These are disturbing human like infiltrator aliens that are vaguely reptilian with their movements, very agile/flexible bodies, and eye. 

The look like creepy bankers, or men in black. I decided to try for the banker (navy) blue rather than black.

I'm not super happy with my pictures right now. They tend to look better in hand than in the light box, but obviously there was some movement/blur.

I'm not sure if it's the popsicle stick positioning causing photo composition issues, or if I need to look at a better camera where I can control some of the variables.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

6MMRPC: Week 11 - WIP Ion age Hovercraft + GW ogre

Fall hibernation has been hitting me hard lately with a serious decrease in enthusiasm for most activities. I have made some small amount of progress with the painting however.

First up, the Ion age Adders. After priming black (last week), I managed to have another go with the air brush laying down a green base coat. This is, for those familiar with GW paint bottles some colour from the mists of time (as evidence by the paint bottle in the pic with no label on it). I don't even know what it's called, but it's probably from the basic or monster paint sets.

I'm attempting to paint match to the siler tank (from Khurasan) that I picked up from chief lackey richard (off of tmp). He paints some great stuff (seen here). I think after weathering the colour will be close enough.

I thin my paints with windex (generic windex at that) and have been trying to figure out the correct ratios. I have discovered it's better to start with windex and add paint, or you are likely to struggle with clogging until the thinned paint gets to the bottom/displaces the thick whole paint. It was a bit of a gong show struggling to get paint to blow through the brush and then suddenly it works and I have massive blasts of nicely thinned green paint overspraying. Obviously this is the right fig/application to be experimenting, rather than something that actually requires 'staying in the lines'.

I then hit the skirts/plenum with a near black grey camo thing (vallejo), and the gun barrels with my current favorite a grey/green. It has almsot no green as far as I can tell.

 To distract myself, I've been putting on licks of paint on the Mordheim ogre. He was at risk of turning very brown, so I've thrown in the blue. I'm currently considering doing his loose shirt as a tan/yellow thing. It might be worth splitting the colour on his cap with some of the red oxide as per his knee patch.

Opinions gratefully accepted.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

6MMRPC: Week 10 - Five (incomplete) items for your perusal

It's been a strange work week, and illness has been skirmishing with the household. As a result, I've been a remiss in my efforts to actually get paint on some miniatures, although I have been active in other parts of hobby-ing. I managed to cut up and deflash a number of figs. Many are  assembled, and I even partially primed stuff. This is the type of easy thing I tend to work on when I can't summon up the verve to get on with paint.

1 - First up is the Russian 28mm Naps. These are more of the Perry's figs I received shortly before the challenge began. To the left are some lead jaegers. I've decided my plastic jaegers will have the forage cap. To be honest, the russian infantry all looks VERY similar. The jaegers do have a lighter green coat (I may be going too light with this, we'll see), and black harnesses. As opposed to dark green and white harnesses.

2- I managed to clean and prime these "Adder" hovercraft from the ion age. Run by Gavin Syme of the range has been very cool. I have a fair amount of their stuff. There are some things that haven't really grabbed me, but most have.

I intend on adding this to my NAC force (from GZG) which got some play time with Gruntz (which will mean MORE green painting). I figure these will make some nice fast and small troop transports.

3 - These folks are the freebies I got back in September. The chainmail figs (orc shaman and trooper on the left, and 2 dwarves) are very clean castings. I was very impressed.

Two human 'diggers' from GW's gorkamorka are in the back. I'll paint them as random post apocalypse/necromunda gang type figures. Should be easy.

The mordheim Ogre, as noted by some commentators, is a great characterful model. It would appear he has a victim in his wicker backpack as well. The kislevite female archer/scout I'm less enthralled with. She is FAR too busty. Also her sword arm will probably need to be pinned as it doesn't want to stay attached.

The last fig is a beastman centaur. I like it....sorta. The head is a bit silly with a skull helmet over a fairly diabolic face with a braided goatee and horns. Not a fan. The super dumb part is his weapon. I suppose a club with multiple spikey bits is on par for technology, but the frickin thing is taller than a human. Also, it probably doubles the height of the fig which is rearing and pointing his weapon straight into the air. I'll definitely be making a conversion with this.

4 - This is the modular refiner set from pegasus games. It's been around for a long time, and I finally picked one up probably even within the last year. It's truly tedious to clip out and clean the flash though. I'm hoping it won't be utterly confusion to assemble. I do see numerous picks on the web of these things lurking in the backgrounds as scatter terrain, so I'm hopeful of the final product.

5 - A non-hobby item; The fall forest bounty. I went mushroom picking last weekend with a friend who does it regularly. This was the haul between the two of us for just under three hours. Chanteralls (yellow), hawks wings (top brown/grey), some oysters, and some other stuff I forgot. It was a tasty week to be dining here.