Sunday, November 23, 2014

6MMRPC: Week 12 - 15mm XCOM (snakemen and thin men)

Having a full blown case of hobby ADD, I've failed to make any progress on the multiple projects under 'progress'. I suspect this is why challenges are typically so hard to do.....many gamers want to flit like gadflies from project to project. I've probably mentioned it before, but I am appreciating more and more that painting whatever possesses you is probably more productive (in volume) than locking yourself into a project and timelines. The latter sounds a lot like work.

I worked on some 15mm figs I've had lurking in the drawers for a while. The snakemen are from critical mass mercenaries range, while the agents/thin men are from 'thesceneuk' authorities range (incidentally, thesceneuk has some create 'not-predator' special forces.

I shamelessly ripped off the snakemen paint job from another blog and obviously I'm not the first to like his idea (here).

I mentioned many moons ago the idea of xcom as a small scale game (also ripped off of the blogsphere). Probably very easy to do with programmed aliens for solo play as well. I think this is a reoccuring thought, as the computer game franchise remakes xcom and/or clones come out. I was, in fact, inspired to do these this week (and not much more) as a result of picking up an xcom clone called Xenonauts. Definitely an improved blast from the past of my highschool days.

The snakemen have only 5 poses. I wanted to do for a glowing energy weapon aesthetic. The green also pops quite well compared to the yellow/orange palette.

The re-release of xcom (which came out 1-2 years ago and is *very* good) had 'thin men'. These are disturbing human like infiltrator aliens that are vaguely reptilian with their movements, very agile/flexible bodies, and eye. 

The look like creepy bankers, or men in black. I decided to try for the banker (navy) blue rather than black.

I'm not super happy with my pictures right now. They tend to look better in hand than in the light box, but obviously there was some movement/blur.

I'm not sure if it's the popsicle stick positioning causing photo composition issues, or if I need to look at a better camera where I can control some of the variables.

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