Sunday, November 16, 2014

6MMRPC: Week 11 - WIP Ion age Hovercraft + GW ogre

Fall hibernation has been hitting me hard lately with a serious decrease in enthusiasm for most activities. I have made some small amount of progress with the painting however.

First up, the Ion age Adders. After priming black (last week), I managed to have another go with the air brush laying down a green base coat. This is, for those familiar with GW paint bottles some colour from the mists of time (as evidence by the paint bottle in the pic with no label on it). I don't even know what it's called, but it's probably from the basic or monster paint sets.

I'm attempting to paint match to the siler tank (from Khurasan) that I picked up from chief lackey richard (off of tmp). He paints some great stuff (seen here). I think after weathering the colour will be close enough.

I thin my paints with windex (generic windex at that) and have been trying to figure out the correct ratios. I have discovered it's better to start with windex and add paint, or you are likely to struggle with clogging until the thinned paint gets to the bottom/displaces the thick whole paint. It was a bit of a gong show struggling to get paint to blow through the brush and then suddenly it works and I have massive blasts of nicely thinned green paint overspraying. Obviously this is the right fig/application to be experimenting, rather than something that actually requires 'staying in the lines'.

I then hit the skirts/plenum with a near black grey camo thing (vallejo), and the gun barrels with my current favorite a grey/green. It has almsot no green as far as I can tell.

 To distract myself, I've been putting on licks of paint on the Mordheim ogre. He was at risk of turning very brown, so I've thrown in the blue. I'm currently considering doing his loose shirt as a tan/yellow thing. It might be worth splitting the colour on his cap with some of the red oxide as per his knee patch.

Opinions gratefully accepted.


  1. Why not make the shirt a nice red and white striped affair? That would really break up your fear of medium tones taking over and look pretty cool too.

    I've heard that Windex thins paints well enough, but that it also does horrible damage to your airbrush's innards?

    1. I do quite like the idea of a striped shirt. It also would give some practice for some pirate figs I have squirreled away.

      Speaking as a know nothing airbrusher, this is what I found on the interwebz (links below).
      The ammonia in windex could potentially cause problems (but unlikely in quality airbrushes). It is best used as a shoot through cleanser. I had found this out earlier.

      One problem with windex is that it can speed up the drying of the paint, which means more likely clogs. I'm thinking my issues currently are insufficient diluting/mixing, but we'll see.

      The very interesting tmp link notes that thinning with windex reduces the strength of the final paint. It's basically diluting the acrylic polymer that eventually forms the coloured coat. You are better off using a thinning medium, which is (I gather) thinned colourless acrylic to dilute. This will preserve the strength, while thinning to blow through your brush. It also has flow improvers (affects the surface tension like adding a bit of soap).