Sunday, February 16, 2020

Feb update - Batch painting blues

I've hit the phase of painting where not much seems to happen for a long period of time/effort. Suddenly they will be day.

I managed to get the grey primer I was waiting for, sprayed my figs during a break in the weather and felt like my hand was going to get frostbite. I've gotten blue pants, hair, and skin done. Today I banged out the first colour on the horses for the officers within units.

 BEHOLD! It appears like I've done almost nothing!

I decided to break up the monotony a bit by jumping in on "Fembruary Challenge" by leadballoony. The idea is to paint up a/some female models with a look towards how they are represented in the hobby. I shall post in the future, but *spoiler alert* it's pretty pneumatic/trashy/non physiological. You can see (barely) a preview in the lower right corner.

Friday, February 7, 2020

No one expects micro armour in the mail!

Much to my delight this morning I received a parcel. Idly contemplating what nerd item it might be based on size and weight I was pulling a blank and then I noticed the return address was in the nearby city. My wargaming friend Doug (dots of paint blog) struck again!

No doubt inspired by my Cold War AAR in early January he pulled out some micro armour from his collection that hasn't been getting enough training and sent them to me. SURPRISE THE EAST GERMANS AND CANADIANS ARE CLASHING IN MY HOUSE! A princely gift as I hastened to send him a message.

His note informs me that these are circa '83 forces which happen to be deployed to their bases about that same time (!!). A couple of barrels got repositioned, a few units needed to be reglued to their base, and a missing tank turret, but these veterans have stood the cold war test very well.

More pictures after the break......