Thursday, March 8, 2018

A roof over your head: Renedra Tents and GameCraft Afghan Homes

Renedra has put out some plastic tents that I see popping up in a lot of photos. I quite liked them and grabbed some for my cowboy town (I reckon before you even get a stick frame up, you're going to be tenting it). Truly tents have a lot of use in terms of age and setting. I'll probably grab the round ones at some point too.

These buildings were from a rather large order I made in 2012. I think I was inspired by ambush alley and wanted a great table to play on. 6 years later I've painted 3 of them. Booo. I struggled for a long time trying to decide how to 'rough them up' and make them look stoney/plaster covered/whatever.

These two guys were painted with the same craft paint colour and washed with two different ink mixes. I *think* I like the more yellow one, but I suspect it's more because I spread the ink better and ended up with less of that crappy rinse streak effect at the bottom. Variety is important in a table that will host these things, so either way it's a bit of a success.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

15mm XCOM: Advent troops inbound

Loyal Citizens, I stand truly humbled.Today our struggle Ends.

Advent are the superficially virtuous state apparatus that the remnants of XCOM are resisting. They preach a brotherhood with their alien benefactors, but secretly are just liquidating humanity for their genetic code and use as cannon fodder.

In an excellent decision for a computer game, each type of trooper is colour coded. You know what else this would work well for? table top games!!

With only a vague inkling of a ruleset I will hack up one day, I've been slowly chipping away at building the troops required. Today, the (advent) struggle ends.

These folks are 15mm figs from rebel minis. Titan Marines I believe. While the sculpts are too close, they do have enough similarity that with a similar point job and a psychological suggest (IT'S XCOM PEOPLE) I think it will pass muster. For whatever reason, these guys were painfully slow to finish and lots of things got worked on between each small step of progress. At last this particular struggle know, except for the basing (AH!)