Monday, December 31, 2018

New Year Roundup 2018/2019

It's always interesting to try and write these posts. They force a bit of introspection about ones gaming habits and, more importantly, they trigger a look at what you actually accomplished. I was quite surprised, and chuffed, about my productivity.

28mm: 113 figs plus 3 cars and 4 tents
15mm 116 figs plus 1 walker and 2 buildings
Aeronefs: 9

The mini accumulation continues, however, as I suspect I gained more than I painted. I was given some lots of lead but terrain seemed to be the real weakness this year. There were some sales and gifting that put a dent into things but on the increase. I need to focus a bit on stopping the gains this coming year.

Look at my 2018 Resolutions I am astonished I did them all! I suspect I was conservative as I was probably writing them with an infant sleeping next to me. I think this year I should probably strive for the achievable with maybe a 'stretch goal'.

1/. Document my work better/Increase blog posts. (I will informally target at least 24 posts this year.)
2/. Attend Enfilade (again) with a (new) French command.
SUCCESS! Enfilade was a good time as always and my guard corp looked sharp and held the centre for a good while before vaporizing under a crushing cav charge.

3/. Don't be a lurker. Be a commenter. 
qualified SUCCESS. I was excellent about this in the 1st half of the year. The wheels fell off a bit in the latter half, but I've started an uptick again. I think the trick for time management (vs endless web surfing) is that if you are going to read it, you better post. If you don't want to post......get it off your feed.

4/. Finish two 'in progress' batches of figures.
SUCCESS! The 15mm chasseur and generals, as well as some buildings, fortications and more. Super good.

2019 Resolutions

1/. Host at least one game of General du Corp with my own figs
-This requires getting the rules, making some range sticks, and painting up enough french to field a force.

2/. Finish my game craft mini buildings OR sigma event buildings
The gamecraft buildings I've been chipping away at, but have had for many years. Shameful really. The sigma would be the easy version I can bang out in the fall if I've been bad. 

3/. Host/play one of: frostgrave, fistful of lead/galactic heroes, hardwired, or other small skirmish game
Previous resolutions to do a skirmish game (both sides) have failed...numerous times. 

4/.  Complete the french oob for snappy nappy for either austerlitz OR marengo. 
I should have a lot of what I need. This will help focus the efforts onto what I should actually be painting for my 15mm french. 

The reposted pictures of the years work after the break.....

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Honours of War AAR - The crossroads (take three)

This was the third attempt at the same scenario using different rulesets in order to best compare and select a preferred one. The scenario, as before, involves two perfectly balanced forces converging on a crossroads with seperated columns (4 columns all arriving at semi random times). The strategies of the combatants had been diced in the original attempt and keep consistent since.

This go around uses Osprey's Honours of War. It was very helpfully suggested by Jonathan Freitag of Palouse Wargaming Journal who has a number of battles written up using it as well. We both liked the rules and are planning another go around (with a different scenario). We did have some concerns about time to close, but we think if we change to the 20mm distances (from the 15mm) and possibly add some road benefit it may alleviate those problems for us. On to the writeup and more thoughts...