Monday, February 27, 2023

15mm Star Wars: The Boys in White

 Credible intelligence has been received of Rebel activity in Coaltown. You will deploy your men to prevent an attack and locate additional rebel humint. Now move out!


Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Necromunda weekend (eye candy post)

An eye candy post from a weekend at the tail end of 2022. A friend (Jason) from highschool took the ferry over to visit and game on the weekend. We met up with a third player (Kevin) who has just moved (back) to town. 

My necromunda gang from the 90s hit the table again versus some squats and some meatcarving chaos worshippers. Kevin provided the painted terrain while I unveiled my mass of 3d printed terrain (all in gray and unpainted).

 Jason and Kevin had a quick game while I stat-ed up my gang. Aggressive positioning and sneaky infiltrators locked Kevins Squats in a corner while the flesh blenders that look vaguely human sprinted towards them through tough terrain. It was over fast and messily when the leaders of the Corpse Grinder cult arrived.




I have some of the same terrain (the Pegasus ruined building), and the mechanicus motors and was quite jazzed with how it can all look with a lick of paint. Perhaps I'll get some down this year.


 We then setup a three way engagement. We allowed for clambering over the walls to give some more tactical options. The big grabber could be operated too, although we didn't quite get in position to grab enemies and drop them in horrible locations.

This was harvest scenario where we needed to seize the blue drug plants to make money. Having seen the power of flame weapons in the first game my red cloak cultists ended up fielding as much flame as possible. Cleanse the unbelievers!!

Sunday, February 5, 2023

15mm Ion Age - Adder hovercraft

 More minis that have sat unpainted for far too long. These lovely hovercraft are from, originally part of the ion age line I believe. There are version with wheels and tracks as well instead of the skirts.

Prior to moving from Vancouver I had these partially painted. I got hung up on what to use to highlight, I tried some nearly fluorescent green and it didn't look right. So it sat.....and sat.



Eventually the grey adder was released, a APC variant (rather than IFV I guess). I grabbed a set and decided to finish these bastards. 

Naturally the difficulty with any tank, and especially green ones, is to try and make it not look like a blob of colour. I'm not sure that it's as non blobby as I'd like, but it's done. And that's a win.