Saturday, December 31, 2016

New Year Resolution Post 2016/2017

Another year comes to a close. The facebook collective seems to agree that 2016 has been a pretty poop year, with many people passing on, and lots of global events that just don't seem all that great. Perhaps fittingly, my 2016 gaming seems to be pretty lack luster as well.

I only managed 16 posts over the course of the year. Many of those posts were about games I played, which is great, but the painting productivity was a bit pants. To be fair, there is some stuff that I painted but didn't manage to get up on the blog....but not much. The spring/summer here was fully occupied with landscaping of the new home. I suspect the same will occur this coming summer/spring.

The plan for 2016

1/. Paint 50 'Bones' figs.  I have Bones 3 coming in at some point, so it makes sense to swim against the tide.
FAIL. I'm not sure that I painted *any* bones this year. Yikes.

2/. Finish 'trays of shame' of 15mm french napoleonics. These have been sitting too long. It's only about 100-150 figs and they are probably 1/3-1/2 done. Time to put them to bed. 
SUCCESS! I managed to finish both the old guard, as well as the great coats that have languished for far too long in my trays of shame.

3/. Paint up both sides of a game. The most challenging/ambitious one for me. Likely targets include: skirmish forces (mordheim/frostgrave/ambush alley), Cy6! (flight stands are the problem), Spacehulk, or some 15mm sci fi type thing.
FAIL. I'm not sure that I finished painting up one side of a game, let alone two. Boo. 

4/. Attend a convention. Now that I've moved out of a town that hosts one, this will be more of a stretch.
 SUCCESS! I attended enfilade in Olympia, WA. Doug (dots of paint blog) organized a huge Borodino game with his fast play rules. It was a lot of fun, and I suspect I'll attend next year. I've already signed up to paint up a chunk of french cavalry. Commitments to other people are a good motivation to get the painting done.

2017 Resolutions
1/. Get a FOG force table ready
A couple of the locals have armies and play. I'd like to be able to join in with my own troops. Might be able to encourage others as well. I own some carthaginians...just need to paint them.

2/. Attend Enfilade again with at least one command worth of troops 
It was fun last year, and helped get a batch of figures completed. 

3/. Resurrect a failed resolution
I was just looking at my old ones and thinking I should/could finish some of them. Possibilities include: painting both sides of a game, paint a 15mm french corp (I really just need commanders and cavalry at this point), paint a skirmish force/gang, paint 50 bones figs. Nice to leave it somewhat open to my whims.

4/. Host 2 games this year
I hosted a game of CY6 with all my own stuff. How novel. I'll try and double my achievement and host some sort of tabletop game with my own gear....twice!

Hope that you all haven't been laid too low by 2016, and this coming year portends better things. Happy holidays to you all, and a few pics of my 2016 accomplishments for your enjoyment.