Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Blast from the past: Marauder Venators (Confrontation/Necromunda)

A post on Google+ caught my eye the other day with a picture of an old GW/Marauder/Citadel figure (here). These venerable old figs were for a predecessor to the necromunda rules. Crazy that back in the day GW would be making figures for a incomplete essentially unplayable system. I remember collecting White Dwarf magazines with fractions of these rules hoping to play, and even trying to make a gang (essentially unplayable due to the entirely random gear).

The figs themselves were quite characterful however, and numerous people picked them up, and eventually used them as human defence forces, or chaos cultists. I managed to get 3 of these guys in a trade, or cash purchase. I was playing necromunda (the spiritual successor to the confrontation rules) a lot at the time, and these guys fit well with my cawdor gang (masked religious nutters), the crimson zealots. The GW painted cawdor team was blue with a bit of red. I didn't want to copy exactly, but lacking a big sense of what colours might work well just inverted the scheme. I was happy enough with the results. 

Jean-Baptiste asked me for some pics of my figs, hence this post. Looking at these I wince a bit at the poor job done with the metallics and the masks. The colour choice is a bit too uniform as well. It's nice to see that in the 10 years since I painted them, I've achieved a bit of an improvement (in colour choice if not skill).


  1. I'm so glad to see some painted examples of them at last ! Funny to see them ending as Cawdors as this was how the concept turned in the end.
    Confrontation is not that silly and we actually enjoyed a game of it before Bryan Ansell himself at the old hammer WE !

    Glad to have found a new cool blog too ;)

    1. Yes, it was a natural progression. I think that's why I ended up with them. I remember the local GW store saying that they had played a set up scenario with the rules of many gangs vs some marines. It was a total rout (as it should be). My favorite rule was winning combat with a power fist you had a good chance of simply ripping off a limb of the loser (or even the head)! I still think based on there was insufficient material published to really 'play' confrontation as a linked game with randomly generated gangs. You'd need a GM doing most of the lifting....

      Welcome to the blog!