Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Enfilade 2023 Picture dump

As per my last post, I headed down to Olympia, WA at the end of may for Enfilade. A lovely convention held each year on memorial day weekend. I hadn't been since before covid, so this was literal the most people I have seen in a room for 3 years...by a long shot. 

It was great to see familiar faces, and get some gaming in. I did a fair amount of running around taking pictures of various cool looking games. I thereby present them in a pictorial essay to follow. Minimal comments will follow as mostly I didn't know what the games were (or bother to spent time to figure out). 


The theme was 'War in the Desert'.

Blogger was cursed me by loading the pictures in reverse chronological order and I'm not willing to reorganize them....enjoy!


There were a limited number of paint entries this year. The winning ones still looked pretty fantastic despite the shallow field of competition.








 Star wars pod racing. Home brew system on a hex map. Different racers/pods had different stats. You could run without safety interlocks for extra speed, dying on a roll of 6 on a d6. This cluster of pods had an exploding pod knock a bunch of them out of control for some crash heavy hilarity. Plays fast enough to get 2 or 3 games in per session.

An alpha strike game occuring in a small room. Friendly chatty guys playing. Used some house rules which seemed to speed up the game and simplify activation.

Flames of War tournament was occuring upstairs. Lots of German armies.....I suspect because of the low model count. I saw one America, one British, and one Soviet. The Soviet objective markers were pretty cool (one seen to the left).

Team yankee. An appropriate amount of warsaw pact tanks dotted the table in the late game.

Tex Mex battle I suspect(?) It may have been bandits attacking though.  The terrain was pretty cool (monastery perhaps).

Possibly check your six. WW2 pacific theatre I imagine. 

Quite a fetching game....it was worth a few pictures. Some sort of horse and musket era ruleset. The miniatures were awesome toy soldier/nutcracker/toy land esthetic.

The unit names were pretty hilarious as well.

Maybe a WW1 Middle Eastern game? The arab cavalry was the coolest looking unit on the table so I needed a picture of it.

Dean's game of bolt action. WW2 British attack on the axis. The game play seemed to proceed smoothly and it was resolved a bit before the block was over.

6mm napoleonics. I've always like this type of tree basing where all the foliage lifts off in a single piece and the tree are nails or something just present on the border.

There seems to be a zulu game most years. This one was a nice looking 28mm one.

Monday knight productions space game

A newly published ruleset with a game by the creator. I forgot to take a picture of the rules. I think it's a witchfinder style game in the ECW era. 

The farming field looked really cool.

A xenos rampant game that appeared to be entertaining for the players. The ruleset was used a number of times over the weekend for a fair number of different settings.

15mm napoleonics

A 'rat patrol' game based on the old TV show. A friend played in this one and said it was cinematically awesome. The germans would move and fire once. The heroes got to move and then fire 3 times. 


The armour is hilariously american/ally stuff painted as german....just like the show!


After running through the fast playing game, the players swapped and played again with the opposite side. So no one had to feel too hard done by with the asymmetries. 

7 year war....maybe? Nice looking masses of troops.


A "fistful of lead" game. Ron designed and sells all (?) of the buildings on his table 3D-DYZN. He conveniently had a sellers table nearby. I was tempted but he was currently out of stock on the very cool fabric buildings (he needs more the right fabric to make more).

One of 2 or 3 'Nimitz' games hosted on the weekend. I had hoped I might get a chance to try the rules as there seems to be a bit of a buzz for them. Alas my poor organization I didn't have many options for games to choose from.





  1. Those are some great photos Dave. Good to see some wonderful looking buildings and terrain on display.

    1. Thanks Cod, there is usually some really cool terrain down there. Some of the GMs come up with amazing stuff. You should come next year!

  2. I love convention report posts; lots of pics of a variety of games. Thanks for sharing. 😀

    1. Glad to share convention pics. The easiest post of all to do.

  3. Looked to be a really full event with some fun and interesting games to watch and play in. THanks for the report Dave!

    1. Darn blogger moderation! It's been awhile to approve this one.