Monday, February 12, 2024

Signs of life...


What does one do when they are on the road with no kids to take care of, no hobby materials, and waiting for a meeting to start? Well, in this case one begins to resuscitate his blog. 8 months is a long time of silence...but I have noticed some other folks getting a kick in the shorts at the beginning of the year to restart their blogging.

I have been making more of an effort to comment on blog posts which I read lately. I really do believe this is the glue that makes up the social web of blogging. Much digital ink has been cast on this topic but the latest post is here (Somewhere the Tea's getting cold.....State of the Blogosphere). Thanks to Thantsants for prompting me to do more. 

In the interests of not being boring I'll throw up some photos of various works in progress while I babble. Notably the lack of noise on the blog is not lack of hobby work. I'm very lucky to have cultivated a few nerds to meet and paint weekly....on a discord channel. There are two rules, you need to work on something nerdy (lego assembly meets the criteria) and you need to post a picture by the end of the sessions showing what you were working on. 

This fellow channels 2023 very well. What a terrible year. I'm convinced lots of things were dying in 2023 and it's going to be 2024 when we see it finally happen. In related news I had a friend get diagnosed with ALS and pass away 7 months later in January.

This non proprietary demon of no particular denomination is from satyr studios. It was a limited release like 3 others. I managed to get 4....unfortunately due to a screw up I have a duplicate and a missing lobster claw demon. Le sigh.



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 Another release of 15mm star wars stuff. These are meant to be imperial army folks. Like general Veers who drives an AT-AT and informs Lord Vader he can start his assault now. Where the hell were the rest of this guys command?

In strange synchronicity one blog I follow (solo, pen, paper and dice) has been releasing photos of the same figs. Honest, I finished mine before he posted. I'm just lazy/disorganized/unmotivated to blog right now.


 Not to be catty about it.....I like my paint selection better. Am I a total thrall to the canon and tried to do the best matching job.....uh yes. Does that mean I'm better at copying/ comment.


 So blogging typical dies off for me in the summer and returns in the fall. Unfortunately summer and fall got busy and wife and I have finally pulled the plug on counseling and our relationship. Decision was made at the beginning of the fall and the sequalae of that has eaten lots of time/effort/money/cognitive power/etc. Remember that theme of 2023 things starting to die and it not being until 2024 that it actually happens.

So blogging did not resume. Did I mention I'm really lucky I have a paint group to hang out with weekly? Bless those guys.


 One of the local gamers, Garret, eggs me on to paint stuff. We played a blades in the dark derivative RPG. You end up with 'clocks' with a certain number of pie pieces that fill in as you pass or fail things. It's an excellent way to build tension and see the outcomes of your efforts. 

Garrets sends me gifs of him filling in a clock for finished an opposing force. It worked for my frostgrave warband. Now he's doing it for Stargrave. The bastard. The well meaning, clever, fun, valuable friend.....bastard. Hi Garret. 

Figures are mostly Reaper Bones IMET. There are 2 astropolis (engineer and scribe) figs in there as well.

 Who can say what motivates one to paint any given fig? I can't. But smaller than normal figs, with a lot of character, limited numbers, and seeing pictures of pygmies for oldhammer are probably actual reasons for these folks. 

Intended for a congo project they came together pretty fast. Their colours ended up informing the rest of my 'forest tribe'...though those guys took longer. 

Lately I've been living through furniture tetris and renovations. My wife and I are lucky enough to be on reasonable terms still we are trying to split the house upstairs/downstairs. Renovations are disruptive. And expensive. Upgrading your electrical service because you've run out of space for new circuits is not a sexy renovation. It costs a lot and the only indication anything happened is a larger metal door on your wall surrounded by unpainted plaster and more drafts to try and chase down.


 Rebel minis. 15mm Saheeden rebels. I'm not sure when I got these guys so that means 2013 or earlier. Yikes. I know they sat half painted for a few years. Sometimes you get paint blocked with color selection. Move on. 

Happily they are done now. I think I was going to use them as generic resistors for an xcom project. Lets be honest though, vague armed hooded figures are useful so SO MUCH MORE.

I imagine I'll have a number of posts that should belong from 2023. If I'm on the ball I'll probably label them as a retrospective or something. I hope to get back onto the blogging horse. I also am contemplating posting my work in progress shots to instragram. It's fast and easy, but it's annoying to find anything on that platform when I'm hunting. Even hashtags are hit and miss. That's basically the benefit and curse of social media in a sentence. Also, the connection between instragram and blogging seems.......weak/hard/annoying. So there's that too.


  1. Great to see you wandering through the blogosphere again! It's amazing the quality of the sculpting on 15 mm stuff these days. I agree- I think you pulled off a better colour selection on the Imperials.

    1. Comments that show people are reading make it all worth it! Thanks Cod, it's good to be back. I have some minis to give you next time you are down island.

      These sculpts have been around....for "a while". The imperial army guys are from some of GZGs more recent lines. But the release of 'the brethren' occured not that long after tomorrows war was released. It isn't exactly new.

      I'm glad to have totally neutral confirmation of my highly partisan opinion on the colour selection.

  2. Oh, that demon certainly caught my eye, but there's so much 15mm goodness here! Good thing you resumed blogging!

    1. I thought the Greater Demon would be some good oldhammer eye candy. Now I just need to get back to working on him...

  3. I regularly take a break from blogging when I get busy, usually in the winter for me. Sounds like you've been busy but with unfortunate events. that's a bummer.
    I've found that blogging is always kinda there, and can be picked up again at any time. Do whatever is best for you for during this time. things shall improve. 😁
    /mental health mode OFF. Nice job painting! I always liek the idea of doing discord painting but haven't gotten serious about it.

  4. Thanks Stew. It does seem you shouldn't do hobbies out of guilt. I do find i'm highly guilt motivated to get things done though...

    If you'd like to join us on discord painting sometime you are welcome. We paint wednesdays at 2015 PST to........2230 ish. Time zones may be a killer though, we are the last people to experience a day here on the west coast.

  5. That reminds me dave, i have a gif to share with you ;)

    1. A gif of someone being a bastard no doubt...

    2. Thanks Dave. I’ll keep it in mind. We’re actually in the same time zone so that’s easier. I don’t have a regular painting night and I usually don’t start till about 2130 ish. But you never know you know. 😀

    3. Stew, shoot me an email. brewster(period)RN at gmail

    4. email sent! sorry for lateness.

  6. Well thanks both for the mention but more so for commenting on my first post in a long time, which led me to Stew's blog and his post on the topic, which led to my post! Glad we've ended up motivating each other!
    I have to say you had me with the 15mm Star Wars but the "Big Dirty Individual" has cinched it! You've obviously poured a lot of bile/passion in to it ;)
    The Imperial troopers look great - are they non-proprietary as well or can one acquire them somewhere?
    The pygmies also caught my eye, and while I'm currently painting dozens of Snotlings at the moments, I get what you're saying about small figures with character. They're looking great.
    I'm well acquainted with hooded masses (28mm ones I hasten to add) and yes - they are useful.
    Sorry to hear about your travails and hope all works out as well as it can. It's totally not the same but we had our house rewired and the loft done just as Covid was getting started up so I can understand to some extent how awful it is - at least in terms of the renovations.

  7. ground zero games has a couple of good proxies for 15mm star wars figs. I certainly didn't discover it, I saw someone else post and thought: hot damn! I'm stealing that!
    The imperial army are brethren of the new lights.

    1. Spot on, thanks - hobby budget has taken a beating from three big mechanic bills for the Land Rover Defender but I shall take note for now!

  8. Hey you have bothered to start blogging again AND been good enough to comment on my own blog a few times, I thought I should return the favour, as I totally agree that comments are rge important part of blogging and make the whole thing worthwhile! Hopefully you have a better 2024 than 2023.

    1. I found 2 comments stuck in moderation purgatory! I free you! Thanks for the sentiment....I won't jinx things by saying anything other than I, too, hope 2024 is better than 2023.....for everyone.