Tuesday, June 2, 2015

2nd Annual 6MMRPC: The plan - trays of shame

Currently working on this stuff....sorta
And we're off! Lots of folks seem to be keen on having plans for the reduction challenge. I found that I'm much happier when I can kite from item to item. I often get hung up on choosing colours half way into a project, and decide to 'step back'. I have therefore accrued many....many.....half painted project. Though to call them half painted is probably a bit generous.

One of my new years resolutions, and my reduction plan, is to try and attack these half painted monsters and get them out of the dusty queue. Lets have a look a a few of them, though I need to point out there are still things that are in transport boxes and packed away that I haven't photographed, to say nothing of the unassembled and/or unpainted stuff.

First up is the GW garden of Mordheim. A fun terrain set that gives you a lot to work on. I don't think I've touched this for 2 years. Ack!

The base coating looks to be almost complete as well. Shameful really. I suspect I got hung up on whether to base the wall sections of not. The curved bit seems a bit too easily knocked over. 

A selection of ion age and 15mm uk figs. Some gzg jet bikes in there as well. This is actually part of a real gaming project no less (unlike most of my stuff). I think I got derailed from this around the start of the 1st 6MMRPC. 12-14 months ago?

I'm having challenges choosing the other colours on the yellows guys. 

Scatter terrain. Everyone needs more scatter terrain. It will be bright and bold and....unfinished. Bah.

Some of the bright colours were hard to acheive. The rust coloured pile of junk is an HO item that comes 'primed' that way. I may reprime it black. A bit of a hassle to paint.

Hung up on basing decisions mostly....and there are other things to paint!

15mm French napoleonics Old guard (mix of old glory and some minifig ?edition). I know how many I need. There was a hiatus while I acquired the other 8-12 I needed. I partially caught up with them.....and stopped. These guys are getting so close it's stupid not to finish them.

I think there are some random horse artillery crew I have in here as well.

More 15mm napoleonics. These guys are in great coats, so COULD be many different nationalities. They are sold as french though.

I got hung up deciding what colour to paint their shakos. Regular? With covers? Do the covers match their jackets? Mixed but from the same palette?

The current box I work on. I have a small horde of dwarves that I want to paint up for mordheim/fantasy skirmish project. No work for ~6 months I'd guess.

Legio Heroica cavalry on the left. No work since beginning of the year. Need to highlight the horses and do the tack, and then I think I'll fly through them.

Various bones in stages of work. I'm trying to keep up with Caffeineforge, but I also took a hiatus, so I have some back wards work to do.

This is the platter I rotate stuff out to from my painting tray above. The old crow dropship was grey for certainly more than a year. Hung up on adding colour. The yellow probably happened in december. 2 dreampod 9 solar panels, which might suddenly get painted quickly....when the mood finally strikes. The rest are Bones in the queue although some may be packed away from disinterest. 

There's at least another 3 platters/trays/plastic boxes that have half painted stuff queued up. I'm hoping with 6MMRPC I'll kill some of this stuff. One challenge is that I will have more bones stuff falling into the rotation regularly (via caffeineforge), and I have more 28mm napoleonics to finish off for Dougs Borodino General du Corp game happening in the future.


  1. Lots of stuff nearly there! Good luck!

    1. I'm trying to decide if I feel that it's a bit 'cheater'-ish to suddenly pull out completed stuff that was mostly done already. Feels a bit strange at times. I rarely finish anything on it's own in a week.

  2. Impressive backlog! But doable and lots of varied projects to help keep your interest.

    1. Yes, I think the interest level is pretty key. It is terribly easy to drift to the interwebz and video games and lose ones time to other endeavors....

  3. I think you'll get quite a bit done. What're the trays you're using?

    1. They are jewelry display cases. I saw someone who had a cool transport system. I got them from jemcousa which seems to be defunct now. Approximately they are this: http://www.amazon.com/Large-Jewelry-Display-Rolling-Carrying/dp/B00115B598/ref=sr_1_69?s=apparel&ie=UTF8&qid=1433433873&sr=1-69

      I ended up cutting magnetic sheet and gluing it down inside each of the trays. It's handy in that you can get different depths of trays. Most I have are about 2 inches deep, so 15mm figs with port arms bayonets won't get crushed.