Wednesday, June 10, 2015

6MMRPC Week 1.5: Bones Nova Corp Sgt

This is yet another submission to the CaffeineForge weekly bones mini It's certainly not a contest, more a friendly pressure to paint and share results. Definitely motivational for those of you with unpainted bones figs (and who doesn't have a lot?).

In about 2 weeks there is a speedpainting version, where we try and bang out as many of the other novacorp mooks as possible. With this in mind, I tried to go for an easy paint job. I also wanted to have some sort of sci-fi forward colour that really makes no sense as a modern bit of kit.....hence the purple. I used the opportunity to fill in some gaps in my paint collection as well.

I'm not entirely sure about using the leather colour for the straps, but it is fairly high contrast. Grey was already getting used for the between armour sections (possibly not very noticeable) and other gear, so that was out. I tried to re-iterate the colours of the limited pallete in the base as well. The nice thing about all the novacorp figs is they have similar bases that will really pull the group together.


  1. Sis you get the heavier looking troops as well? Those ones are super cool sculpts.

    I really like the blue/purple/indigo. Am still at a loss as to what to do with my own Novacorps minis.

  2. I do have the other Bones sci fi troopers. I was going to paint them up all at once. Once I was playing with them I couldn't decide if they really 'belong' together in the same unit. The armour styling and such is different. I could do the same colours, or maybe something close but noticeably different? Not sure what to do....

  3. Don't be afraid to mix various amounts of beige* to your main colour to give you variations for straps and the like so the contrast, while there, is not dramatic - if that is what you are trying to avoid of course!

    * beige being anything from light brown to sandstone

    (as an aside I read an article that astrologists have added all the various colours found in the universe and concluded the result would be, you guessed it, beige.)

  4. Looks good! I was tempted to pick up all the packs of Nova Corps stuff I could find at my FLGS just before the challenge started...but went for a Griffon instead haha!

    1. Ha. I'm sure they will still be available when December comes around! The griffon is a cool model as well (Bones I'm assuming?)....maybe we'll get to see it before the end of the challenge?