Thursday, May 18, 2017

LONGSTREET: 1st game - 1861 General Stevens grand push

Nate, always a fan of the ACW, was convinced to try out longstreet, a ruleset I've owned for some time but hasn't had an airing yet. We grabbed the stock 1861 forces, flipped for who was the union and confederates, and got to gaming.

General Stevens, a confederate mexican war veteran, has been tasked with driving off the union blocking force of General Brewer (a well connected officer). With complete parity of men and equipment, Stevens has managed to draw off one of the union regiments which will arrive late to the defense of nowheresville.

 The card driven mechanic of the game is pretty fun. Occasional cards pop up, which seem to be popular to complain about on the interwebz, which allow you to drop unsavory terrain right in front of your opponent as they are trying to do something decisive. Poorly surveyed ground indeed.

Nate's cavalry raced across the table and smashed my unsupported guns handily. Unfortunately he wasn't able to pull together the command focus (spending cards elsewhere) to get them to finish swinging around and hitting my flank. It helped that a squelched at least one move with a 'rivals in love' card which had the cavalry commander not too interested in follow commands as a result of a matter of a southern belles interests in the past. 

The rebels finally cracked their breakpoint and fellback from the tenacious union defense and counter attack.

Final casualties were fairly light, with 7 bases of 38 lost on the rebel side, and 3 on the union. The complete loss of union artillery is a little uncertain, not sure if the gunners skeddle and return, or if they are toast. After all that, the real cost in human life and suffering fever! Another 8 rebel bases and 9 union bases died in the filthy disease factories that their camps represent. War is hell, innit it?

I still have to type up the rosters for us both, but I expect this system will see some additional clashes.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Perry French Heavy Cavalry

I've had a large number of figs on my painting tray, so progress has been painfully slow. As enfilade (the convention in Olympia in May) approaches, I realized I needed to focus on the most time critical stuff. I managed to finish banging out these guys (which still leaves me with some projects to finish with some celerity).

The Perry's are lovely to assemble and paint. Inconveniently there are 14 in the box, and Doug's convention rules set, General du Corp, uses cavalry in 3's. I therefore have a 2/3's finished base, waiting for another horseman to be pillaged from my next purchase of Perry figs.

Not the best photos, but it's been busy lately. I do have the lovely pink, yellow, and red trim on the Cuirassier , as well as a representative stand of the Carabinier.

I suppose this last shot a decent WIP of how the basing goes.