Sunday, August 23, 2015

6MMRPC: Week 11 Vietnam Firebase Fortifications

Having earlier completed my trial artillery fire pit (here) I finished painting up the rest of the hydrocal terrain I cast up using Thomas' molds. The hydrocal (tougher plaster essentially) was allowed to dry fully for about a week, and then painted with future floor polish to aid with robustness/anti chipping. I think this will also help avoid the hydocal/plaster from drinking up paint.

The scale is about 20mm (1/72). I will happily use if for 15mm figs, and I suspect it wouldn't look too far out for 28mm as well (although maybe the artillery pits would fit a heavy weapon rather than a true towed weapon).

 More pics after the jump....

The paint was then applied (Craft browns for the ground, some vallejo for the metal and sandbags). I even took the opportunity for using some of my rust effects paint. 

I was uncertain on the coloration of the oil cans, so chose a few likely candidates. 

Some artillery positions had large steel plates on the ground to support the towed gun (especially when there was a central jack, rather than distributed ground/shock points). I chose to use some cut up shopping/credit card material. Nato green was chosen as the colour. Scuffing was used to suggest the underlying steel material.


  1. O wow - you've a very nice trench system there. Wish I had the patience and time to cast my own scenery.

  2. It's surprisingly easy. I suspect it's one of those tasks that is more likely to occur working as a team though. I showed up two afternoons, and we banged out a lot of material. It was fun to break it up with a lunch and tea as well.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks. I have to give major props to the designer. The painting is *super* basic to get a great result.

  4. Wow, David, you really did those up nicely. Can't believe I still haven't painted mine...

    Very happy we were able to get you set-up with enough revetments and gun-pits for a good looking firebase.

    1. I'm totally stoked with the set up. Many thanks again Thomas.
      It helped having a brush that was just the height of the sandbag wall....the painting went super fast.

  5. I'm just about ready to put these up for sale... Dai, Spider, if you are interested, look me up at either The Guild Wargamers, or Fields of Fire Reloaded forums and I'll hook you up with a set.