Sunday, March 10, 2013

Osric: Wolfsbane (9)

We did some quick out of game shopping and hiring of henchman. A new welcome to the henchmen Archon, dwarf cleric, and Jane, human illusionist. In addition we hired a slew of hirelings (5 carpenters, 5 masons, and 20 porters) to start work on housing in Compliments, along with the expensive Dwarf smith Gideon, who should be able to keep them supplied with tools etc.

On our way back to Compliments one of the porters was dragged off into the trees by a snow jaguar. Though Dan and Jenks were facing the beast, the porter was obviously dead and they decided to leave it to it's kill. Not a super popular move for the hirelings however.

A brief stop in compliments had Renault (Marshal Renault now) give us an update that some outlying farms to the North had been raided and the inhabitants disappeared.  Speaking with animals Jenks had a report that some furry people with big fangs who came along the dark line in the forest (the road) had done it, and they had come from Greenich to the North.

The party (Scabs, Chester, Renault, Dan, Jenks, Jane and Archon) head north. After their first day of marching as they are looking for a camp in the frozen winterscape they hear the calls of wolves. Crap. As an aside our GM LOVES the move 'the grey' and suggested to me if I don't see it soon there will be lots more wolf attacks (at this point it's a bit of a meme in many of his games).

We race towards some tall rocks and propel the squishier members of the team on top. Archon demonstrates himself to be somewhat craven as he scrambles up as well. As the wolves come rushing in Jenks manages to cast a charm spell on what appears to be the alpha wolf. As the group pauses and asks Jenks what may happen, he says it depends on if the wolves follow the lead of the alpha or not.

'Pretty unlikely pal' comes a mysterious voice that Jenks attributes to Archon (the new guy) at first.
Jenks is now subject to a surprisingly well directed 5 wolf pile. During the next few rounds it comes rapidly obvious that these wolves are 1/. totally tough and badass. 2/. start speaking human. 3/. transform into a human shape to try and escape from a snare trap the thieve scabs rigs up.

We are facing were-wolves. We are so toast. Jenks is down spewing bright red blood on the snow. Dan is heavily wounded. The alpha wolf is helping us actively now but Janes single 'useful' memorized spell of colour spray can't affect these monsters.

After a highly touch and go battle, and some late finally decent rolls by the fighters, we find a trapped werewolf to question, and the final werewolf is sent fleeing, pursued by the charmed leader. The trapped werewolf is dispatched fairly quickly after being less than forcoming with information and highly threatening to us.

The leader returns and tells us of what the life is like: No recollection or control for years. He is offered the opportunity to come to town to help leave this life behind but he refuses; he rather likes his current lifestyle. We encourage him to stay with us while we try the belladonna cure (located by Jenks spell).....after all should it fail then he will have more pack members. After treatment Jenks casts PLANT GROWTH on the Belladonna patch which erupts in uncontrolled growth catching and destroying the final werewolf. The 3 afflicted members (Jenks, Dan, and Jane) all fall into a coma.

I'm cut out of the gaming session for a bit as all my characters are incapacitated. Upon recovery after 3 days we get the great news that NONE OF THE CURES WORKED. Detect evil has shown us all to be afflicted. It's 9 days to the full moon and we're 8 from shadowgate. We start hauling ass to the capital city. Dan goes wacky and disappears for a week leaving his gear behind, but finally reunites with us (after apparantly eating all the chickens at a farm by Compliments) just before Shadowgate.

We find a very good, very generous church of good. Galandrel (I think? spelling?) is the goddess of Peace. The priestess offers to cure us but the treatment takes a month, and involves  imprisonment and a heavy cash price of 500g per member. Jenks is cleared out completely to fund 2 cures and Dan hands over an unidentified ring to Scabs to assess and sell. It's been a costly trip to Greenich that didn't even succeed. More ominously there is yet another costly lapse in time before the party can return to the Dark Crypt.

Thrice damn the random encounter tables....although really those are a huge element of the fun in old school D&D.

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