Monday, January 6, 2014

40k Kill team. Genestealer Cult. December meet up part 1

I went to highschool in a small town of 15,000 about an hour out of the city I live in now. While the town has changed a lot and many people have moved out, a number of us occasionally take a trip up the windy highway for some gaming and hanging out with high school friends. One friend was out from the East coast (handily avoiding the worst of the power outages) after about 3 years of absence.

I managed to squeeze in 2 games of (heralds of Ruin) killteam. A en-small-ized version of 40k.  In many sense it reminds me of necromunda, a game that I had tons of fun with for many years. The focus is narrowed down to individuals, rather than squads, and true line of sight determines what you can shoot at. The over the top units and models are largely thinned out of the game allowing for some interesting narrative to come out purely based on mooks lucky antics.

Speaking of Necromunda, I ended up pulling together a genestealer cult force, using my cawdor models as the rank and file cultists, and some original space hulk genestealers.  My only lack was the would appear that I have sold off the old magnus model I had, but I did manage to hold onto a patriarch. I managed to bash out the painting in an helped that I had a color scheme already and was painting to match my other stealers. I have to say I was totally chuffed to be fielding a fully painted force. It also helped starting play knowing that my army sucked and was unlikely to win.....any win is pure victory!

 Given the limitations of my models available, and general ideas of fluff for the cult, I ended up fielding the maximum number of genestealers (6), and three 5-man 'squads' of cultists. This ended up being a fairly high model count for this game, but of course my guys where total mooks and went down hard to anything stronger than a just of wind. The major saving grace is the ability to 'hide' in this system; by forgoing shooting you can't be targeted by your enemies unless they close to within 6 (or 9?) inches.

The crimson zealots where my original necromunda gang. They are classic cawdor models, filled out with some old confrontation (The GW, not french version), and frateris militia (1st ed sisters of battle) converted with green stuff.

2 of the squads were armed with lasguns, autoguns, shotguns and a flamer each (read: crap, crap, so so and decent).

The last squad was my 'crack' suicide squad (think monty python 'Life of Bryan), and they were armed with an armor cracking grenade (of course I thought that they were armed with lots of grenades.....not just one), and one plasma gun. Obviously a coveted relic, as it's the only weapon that can defeat the prevalent power armour saves I expected to encounter.

 Next up, we'll see how my xenos loving scum fare against the defenders of humanity.


  1. Exciting things! Methinks my GeneStealers and Hybrids and Chaos cultists will live to see the light of day beyond my painting cave : ) And if they're not sufficiently pathetic I've also got an alternative " GreenStealer " force of infected ork cultists. Yay!

  2. Ork hybrids are very oldhammer. I distinctly remember a white dwarf article about making them, and the fact they are rarer because of the breeding cycle of orks occurs slower/later. This is before GW ret-conned orks into a fungal infection.

    Do share some links when you have your guys done up.