Monday, September 7, 2015

6MMRPC Week 13: Ainsty baggage....packing up

A fairly meagre offering this week. I finished off my resin furniture from Ainsty and a load of shipping loads.

I'm not entirely pleased with all the material on the shelves, especially as the markings are noticeable inconsistent between 'similar' boxes. Presumably it will be better a couple feet away. Otherwise everything looks just fine enough.

The topic is fairly apropos, as I am moving at the end of the month. I'll be re-locating (via a ferry!) to Nanaimo, BC (located on Vancouver Island/West coast of Canada). Already much of my hobby material has disappeared into boxes, and the hassle of organizing a move and changing jobs is taking a big bite out of time and energy. I suspect I'll drop silent for a number of weeks, but not quite yet.


  1. I think the Baggage pieces and bookshelf look great. They'll add some lovely character to a table or rpg session.

    Good luck on the move Dave. I'm not familiar with where you're going, but it sounds like it should have one heck of a view?

    1. Exactly where I live....not so great. Short walks away = great view. My big requirement for the move was walking or biking to work...which has been acheived. A rare thing these days, but one for which I'm grateful.

  2. Good luck with your move! Nanaimo is beautiful... I used to live across the water from it, on Salt Spring Island (at least, I think it was Nanaimo that I was looking at).
    In any case, that baggage looks great. Terrain like that is what really makes a game 1st class.

  3. Thanks! I'm a bit hazy on where all the islands are (though I recognize all the names). Looking at the map, it's probably more likely that you were looking at Duncan/Cowichan valley, but honestly, the entire area is lovely.

    I'm definitely come to believe your last statement. The scatter terrain and small accents are really what makes a good looking game become great.