Monday, February 13, 2017

SAGA Crecent and Cross - God will recognize his own

I managed a trip over to Vancouver just in time for the snowpocalypse of 2016. After a day of slushing about with a substandard miniatures carrying solution, I finally arrived in the evening for a game of SAGA with friends.

We played 4 pt warbands, with two of us on each team (8 pts total). The mission was "God will recognize his own" - you only score points for killing in melee, most killing-est team wins, and troops are recycled back onto the board.

Cameron and Jenn led the fanatically hospitaller and crusader forces (including a large group of pilgrim levy). Grace and myself commanded the saracens and mutatawi (including camelry!).

 There was much hilarity as each side some some consistent 'hot' rolling while their opponents couldn't manage to roll dice to save themselves. This, of course, reversed later in the game.

Recycling of troops always gets wacky as suicide squads charge in off the edge of the table to poach off the reduced squads that had killed those same figures the turn before.

The spot lighting was pretty rough for camera work, but I like to think that  the long shadows represent dusk, or a dust storm or something.

While great fun playing, I did have a number of spear and shield injuries. My travel case obviously needs some work to better protect my men from the hostile public transit environment.


  1. Yes, Dusk. Looks very thematic of the end of a day of fighting in the middle eastern deserts.

    Looks like a really fun game mate!

    1. I suppose you'd be a bit crazy to try and fight mid day. It was a fun game. I think only one player at the table has grokked the game, as he manages to put together much more impressive piles of dice for his attacks. I'm sure wisdom will come with more play though.

  2. I actually really like the lighting effect on these pictures. It may wash out some of the colours (?), but it creates this dramatic, sun-drenched quality. The mix of long shadows and bright lights makes you think that the sun must be very, very bright. Great looking game!

    1. Yes, a fair amount of washout, the muslim armies are pretty colourful. Not so the crusaders, desert, or buildings.

      It's fun getting painted stuff on the table, doesn't seem to happen enough.