Friday, July 7, 2017

Guns of Liberty: The battle of Emesar

While the real fight rages inland the cunning Americans send a force to seize the supply lines of the British. A scratch force of red coats moves to secure their lines of communication and a battle quickly brews up between Generals Brewster (Patriots) and Stevenson (British) near the farm of Emesar.

The Americans move up in column and manage to grab the road and shake out into lines before the British, moving through more forested terrain, are able to get to the road. 

With the advantage of numbers (cough cough, not quality) the Patriots attempt to swing wide for a double envelopment. Command ranges and terrain prevent this from working well. 

On the left flank the Patriots hold the heights with their militia, allowing for an agressive advance by the continental army. Skillful musketry does much to denude the British ranks, but various attempts at melee are driving off with telling results. 

Despite limited successes, the British manage to rout an American unit and break through the long but thin lines onto the road. This initial success is leveraged into a serious drive through the American lines. 

As the evening draws near the Americans have eked out a minor victory. They hold a majority of the road, but the Brits have inflicted serious casualties on their regulars, and split their forces in two.

Nate once again hosted a fun 3 hour game at the local game store. The mat we played on was of cloth mouse material and we both were appreciating the feel. It was a bit funny to have snow/frost on the ground with bright green fields, but what can you do. Rules were Guns of Liberty.


  1. Once again another great looking game. I'll never got the AWI route as I've far too many projects to contend with as it is, but I always like to see Georgie-boy's redcoats stepping up to keep those unruly Colonials in line. :)

    1. I'm totally there....way too many incomplete projects to start new ones. I'm really fortunate to get to play with other peoples figs as often as I do.

      One gamer I played with mentioned putting together forces to match the blocks in the boardgame Quebec 1759 which I thought was an amazing idea. If I ever did Colonials I think that project would be the one to tip me over.