Thursday, August 31, 2017

15mm Carthaginian Army II - Spanish, Gauls, Numidians & Balearic

The second part of my Carthaginian army. These are all Old Glory figs bought as part of the Late Carthagian Army Pack. They are based for fields of glory. Basing is on mdf bases from minibase, with tea leaves and static grass. I may still varnish them in the future, but they are 'done'.

Balearic Slingers. Light foot. First unit painted.

Spanish Scutarii. Medium foot. Pardon the  washed out pic. I was fiddling with the camera (phone) settings.

Gallic warriors.  Heavy foot. Shields include a number of 'little big man transfers'. They don't have an old glory set so I got another manufacturer set and the selection of decals didn't match the shield selection well and required a lot of trimming and bodging.

Numidian javelinmen. Light foot. 2nd unit painted. Little big man transfers. 

Numidian light cavalry (2 units). 3rd unit painted. Little big man transfers.  Camera caught the edge of the studio set....horrors!

Gallic Cavalry. Shields all hand painted. Fancy clothing is very slow to paint. 

Spanish Cavalry.


  1. These are smashing mate. Attention to detail like the gallic shirt patterns really makes them stand.

  2. Stand out.... Damn my premature clicking fingers.

  3. Thanks Dai, it's one of the reasons I put in the effort. I was looking on the webz at other peoples gauls (probably 28's) and really like the patterns.