Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Osric: Flight from shadowdeep & An encounter with some 'knights' (18)

The group decides to head from shadowdeep to compliments to seek more allies against the snowwitch.

Archon and Scabs loaded on a door as a sledge with a rope to pull. Jenks and Dan as packhorses.

At the city gates, the doors are ajar, and no guards in sight, Jenks spots some snow piles with weapons protruding. We move some ways away and walk up a snow drift to the top of the walls. Eventually we get the sledge over the edge and slide down the incline, just as our activities and noises attract more white walker attention.

The heavy blizzards continue and we hide for a bit under our white wraps before moving on. We make it to a fast moving waist high river and think how to cross. There are blocks of ice, and dead fish in the water.....probably unsafe. The bridge to the north may also be guarded....we decide to chop a tree down. Unfortunately just as we finish we are being surrounded by 6 white walkers. Archon turns and we hurry on, only to have 2 continue to track us. We manage to down them.

Fortified inn. Guards with crossbows on the parapet. Spitted white walker dispatched. At the Inn, we talk to trappers headed to shadowdeep. Jenks buys out their furs for 100gp and they agree to take a ice sword to Fang (where they are from) and word of the ice witch problems (call for allies).

Elves poke their head in and tell us of the horn of daydris. It summons chaos creatures from other worlds and sends elemental winter blowing. It has been manifested in the ice finger mountains, and takes up most of a valley by the crystal cave. We recieve specific directions to this valley (waypoint activated!), and the elves tell us they are seeking their kin to rally them to the cause as well.

At another table we meet adventurer's who are seeking riches they have heard exist in the old city of greenich (eek!).
We share some info with them (yes treasure, bypass to the 2nd level (hopefully they won't find the liche door), and directions to the duergar area (which 'probably' has the stairs downward)). The group refuses a team up, as there won't be enough treasure to go around. They even dodge our suggestion to check out the university campus for loot (oh that college cow campus? we'll hit that after greenich)

 The wizard Brain shares some info about the curse of the duergar (the root is the king, and has spread to the others......could remove it likely if we just take out the king). He has also heard of the horn of daydri, and notes that it will turn the world to ice. He makes a passing comment that adventurers have sought it before, being unaware of it's size and therefore general uselessness. It is forunate they seek an item that will solve that problem.

Took us a bit to realize we were dealing with these idiots...
Bob, the thief, after pocketing some money from BA the fighter, then having to pay for a round of drinks to cover the theft leaves to head to the washroom. Scabs follow him into a room marked 'interdict' and finds him picking a lock on a chest.....unsuccessfully.

Scabs wacks him with a pan, and starts a fight. They parlet with a deal to split the treasure. After picking the lock, and triggering a poison trap,  Bob attacks again. Eventually Jenks notices the sound and enters.

He loudly declares bob a thief and scabs the mayor of compliments. BA the fighter immediately powers up for a fight while Dave the cleric unsuccessfully tries to calm him down. The wizard Brian disappears.

After a close fought battle, with Dave attempting to help the group, BA is immobilzed in stone by Jenks, and Bob is blinded by Dave. Brian runs off after unsucessfully trying to fireball everyone (ncluding his allies). Dave reveals they seek the deck of many things from the crypt beneath greenich.

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