Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Good Fences make good neighbours

Final product post varnishing
...or in wargames make you harder to hit. I managed to crank these out earlier in the summer, but haven't gotten around to posting pictures yet. All part of a push to get some 28mm terrain painted up and ready for gaming.

The original impetus was some skirmish gaming, but perhaps I may try form more warhammer fantasy battle. I do face some challenges with a table surface right now though, living in a small apartment. I probably need to make a push to rectify this before the weather gets extra gross.

Base color minus the trees
The pallet uses the same grey from the tower I painted before. I hope it doesn't get too endlessly grey but we'll see. I also didn't like the trees are brown idea. I decided to attempt to do a birch tree, which perhaps wasn't so smart with the grey stone fencing, but hey, gotta break out of the known occasionally.

Birch trees done, inking and detailing

I'm reasonably happy with how things turned out. Once I got some other colours on there (the nail heads, the green on the basing, the static grass, the rust) it looks better.

More rusting with my favorite 'paint'
I'm not super impressed with my colour choice for the ground. I've based minis this way before and it worked.....perhaps I slathered on the top colour too heavily. It improved once the static grass was on there though.

The silvering of the nails definitely helped the fencing to 'pop'. It was a bit drab prior, but after the final touches it totally helps. I think this illustrates the effects that a small differing colour on the palette can have. Hopefully I remember this for other models I paint that I'm trying to figure out why they aren't looking great.

I also attempted some object oriented lighting with the lantern in the sign post. This probably would have gone better, but I've also never painted flame. Note to self: attempt one brand new thing at a time. The colours in the lantern are a little screwey....which means the light cast is as well. This would be a given as I did the effects at the same time to simplify the colour matching. I'm trying to decide what to do about this one: don't use it, live with it, is it redeemable?

Thankfully it is fairly small, so the horrors don't jump out too much on a large table. I'll obviously need to practice my flame painting again soon. It totally didn't help with the shape of the lantern (the metal banding was a problem.

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