Thursday, September 19, 2013

Battletech: Sword and Dragon: Fox Recon (3)

Our second mission of the campaign (again written up in a very delayed fashion) we see the Fox's teeth starting their own mission arc with a recon. Trying to remain true to character and thematic, the Fox's run an intact lance which is, of course, Recon.  The Fox's have an assassin, wolfhound, hornet, and Commando, facing off against a group of 4 light militia mechs, a spider, mongoose and 2 panthers (eek PPC's!). Objectives are to scan the enemy mechs and exfiltrate the entire force.

Choosing a heavily forested map the Fox's get some decent cover moving up. The opfor (run by Bryan) has choosen a faily blank map with a few hills. Definitely some risk in the approach. 2 militia mechs start on the board, and will be joined by their reinforcements shortly.Turn 1 is already bad news for the Fox's as one of the Panther's hits with his PPC on an 11. This trend would continue for most of the game.

The Fox's approach from 2 flanks attempting to run around the hills and deprive the enemy of areas to retreat to (and avoid a scanning).

Turn 3 Right. The reinforcements show up, just as the first two militia mechs are scanned.

Turn 4 (left) the Fox's have managed to accomplish the first objective and scanned everything. Now to run away quickly! We're all the way in the corner of the far map, with enemies that can jump and some hills in the way....what could go wrong?

Turn 5. Wisely Bryan is keeping close on the heels of my fleeing troops. The high speeds reduce fire, and the militia are bad shots, but the volume of fire presents a risk.

Turn 6: I manage to place 2 engine hits on the mongoose! Now everytime it does ANYTHING it net generates heat. In hindsight this would have caused the mech to dropout (withdraw rules), but we didn't know.

Instead it dogged my steps hoping to blow up or something nearby.

Turn 7. Fox's are half way back. One of the panthers (in the bottom right) is just about out of the fight (too slow).

Turn 8. A stupid mistake was made by the Fox's (me). I set up one of my mechs (top line) to a charge attack from the mongoose. If it hits it will bash my mech off the table and count as out of the fight, in addition to any horrible damage it will likely achieve. Also, the mongoose is horribly injured and could brew up in an exciting fashion.

Some stressful holding of breath while the attack numbers are calculated and rolled....a miss!

Final turn: The Fox's escape off the table. A bit worse for wear than their counterparts the Sabre's at the end of game 1.

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