Sunday, September 28, 2014

6MMRPC Week 4: Terrain - Rock spires

A bit of a delay getting out my pictures this week. I had intended on posting my terrain pics Wed, as I had finished off the project already. Full disclosure, these things where mostly done a whole ago and needed the basing complete. I try and hide my work in progress stuff till it's more done, as I think it's more interesting that way. I'm sure I'm going to run out of tricks and have to post half done stuff soon enough.

On to the project! I love my set of battlefield in a box badlands rocks. I used them in my gruntz game recently and they are super cool. Unfortuntely, I don't have enough to get the coverage I want at the density that makes sense. Even more criminal, is that they are now discontinued. Obviously they are popular because you really can't find anyone selling them anymore, unlike a lot of the sets.

Stuart at Dust, Tears & Dice made some cool hills for his starship troopers campaign. His use of moponi wood made a light come on in my head as I had some from my fishtank which, long since decomissioned, I'd gotten rid of lately. Hammer in had I bashed up the big peices into smaller stuff and hot glued it to CD's.

I wanted to try and match the color to the bluffs. I'm fairly new to the airbrush thing, so I think I reversed the order of the paint. I used a red oxide first, which was very red, and then hit it with a brown. Probably it would have worked out better the other way, as the red would pop more than it does (on it's own it was too monochrome and red). A learning experience for sure.

The craft paint ended up a bit dry and flecky as well. Not sure if it was underthinned, or at the wrong pressure or what. I suspect it's just crappy paint though. This is definitely still mysterious.

One of the other snafus is that two spires are quite tall. I really like the look.....but it's too tall for the drawer I keep all the other stuff in. Now I need to ponder another storage option. Oh well.

Kinda crap photos, I need to find a large backdrop I think.


  1. They look fantastic, and I'm going to have to pick some up or make some similar at some point for my post-apoc games!

    1. Dead easy to make. Absent an airbrush I suppose the painting would be longer, but with a big cruddy brush you could bang them out quick. You could probably hit Craigslist (or your local version) and see if anyone getting rid of their fish tank would let go of just their aquarium wood.

      Apparently I spelled it wrong. Mopani. The funny thing about the wood is it totally stains your tank water brown like tea for the first couple of weeks/months. Smaller chunks are better, as they have more of the interesting texture on them.