Tuesday, September 30, 2014

6MMRPC: Week 4.5 September Roundup - I do negative good work!

I considered calling it shameful September, but honestly I've been pretty diligent about doing painting work, and documenting it. That's a win. My negative good work is the fact that I scored a bunch of free figs. Normally this is a total YAY!, but I think I've netted more unpainted figs than I've painted. Boo!

My friend Ryan is completing a big move, and has been steadily downsizing his (massive) collection. Our gaming group got to cannibalize a box at our last game sessions, so it was a (incredibly) rare event. By the rules I declare this a gift, so doesn't use a joker. But it's a bit of a negative firecracker to end September with.

I'm totally stoked about the city guard, they look like very cool models. The nymph's, well, I thought I should work on my flesh tone painting. These will force that in spades.
Blogger likes this one upside down for some reason

 The mordheim ogre is just cool. The ranger I thought might be a good addition to a project. I may pass the centaur off to a friend with a beastman army, although I have a few painted beastmen that could be used for a mordheim gang.

The diggas would be good to expand my necromunda collection, and will likely paint up super fast.

 The dwarves I wanted to add to a dwarf mordheim gang. The orcs were kinda cool additions to the few green skins I have. And this is how the lead mountain grows kids. A little bit here and there and POOF!
Back to painting.....
I managed to paint up my spiderbots, a cannon and team, get my light box going, and finish some terrain peices.  "Active" in the queue I've got some 15mm grav tanks, and a bunch of 28mm napoleonic infantry. There is also a heap of partially finished projects that will no doubt distract me from time to time. October is ZOMTOBER month, so I'll have to find something apropos to work on as well.

I hope everyone involved in the challenge is finding it helpful and productive. I know, despite this (sorta) failure, I've held back from at least 2 real fig purchases. Considering that would have been a box of 20-40 figs that's a big advance already. Anyone on the sidelines, feel free to come join us, we are a friendly bunch with a (hidden) facebook group, and a blog to track our updates (HERE). Merely asking will get you signed up!


  1. Hahaha nice! And since they were free, I do believe they count as gifts, so no joker spent!

    1. Heh, I know right? That was my interpretation as well. The less optimal interpretation would be that I 'bought them for 0 dollars'.

  2. That's an awesome haul! The Mordheim ogre has been one of my favourite figures since I got into the wargaming hobby - I love all the details on his wicker-basket backpack :) A lovely haul there! The diggas are great figures too, I have a bunch of them in my post-apoc raiders :)

    1. There was a second Ogre in the box. I decided not to be greedy (and set back my mountain chipping endeavor too much). There are quite a few mordheim figs that are very characterful and cool. I sorta regret not acquiring more than I have.