Saturday, September 20, 2014

6MMRPC: Week 3 Russian Licorne 20 lb - finished-ish

It seems like I typically start my napoleonics with painting artillery. I think I do it because it's faster to get a finished result and you get to practice the (new to you) uniforms on fewer guys, so screwups are less demoralizing.

I'm finished (ish), as I still need to flock the base, and I'm missing the correct brown to match the ground. I'll just end up finishing it off when I do a bunch of other bases. Soon I hope. I'm hosting some in laws this week, however, so progress has dropped off considerably.

I'm fairly chuffed with how the pictures are starting to turn out in my light box. It would appear I need a bigger backdrop being tricky not to catch the edge in a shot.

 The pain of high res images is showing all your mistakes. I'm spotting all sorts of stuff I'm less than thrilled with, the biggest being the awful work done on the faces. The guy on the front right looks like he has putty on his face to hide plastic surgery or something. Ugh.

I'm planning on switching to painting the shako cords black first, so that there is more depth of colour on them after painting....these ones look too uniformly red in my view.

I'm also grappling with whether to highlight the jackets. They are meant to be fairly dark green. I did ink them, but it might be worthwhile highlighting a bit as well.

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  1. Looks brilliant! I'm actually dreading tackling my Napoleonic foothill lol.