Monday, October 27, 2014

6MMRPC: Week 8 (Zombtober week 4): Nearly finished

The slow slog/progress for Zombtober continues. I suppose it's appropriate considering it's zombies (baring the new fangled fast zombies which are way more scary). I think I'm on track here to have all the zombies finish at the same time (plus 1 strip of survivors). To stay within the theme I will attempt to finish them by the end of the month.

I've ended up doing 3 types of skin recipes to give some variability (and I didn't know what I'd like). Painting civilians are much more time consuming as I colour hop a lot more. There is also trying to decide what color normal people would match so they don't look like a clown, but aren't duplicates of other models. Possibly I put too much thought into this.

Outstanding action items:
1/. blood/gore (final step)

2/. bases (won't do this month) - I'm probably changing my basing technique, so will do everything later after some trialling

3/. Trim, ties, belts, boots - mostly just small items that will help pop the models & break up the solid colours.

4/. Hair - Hair is super annoying to me. I started to look at peoples hair when I was grocery shopping and realize a lot of it is black. Blond is not yellow, it's more like lighter tans over a brown base (platinum blondes not being spotted). Red is orange tint over brown. Etc. I think part of my annoyance is my brown selection is not all that great. Curses.

5/. Survivor garb...need to decide on some clothing colours that are reasonable. Two of the figs (slight variants of one another) look like they are in leather suits. It should be black....but that mostly looks like you haven't bothered to paint something without some clever highlighting that may be extra tricky at 15mm (and I've drybrushed everything white to see the mini better and try and avoid highlighting post base coloring).

I'll get some proper photos up after I'm done. I don't really feel like setting up a light box for incomplete figs.

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