Sunday, October 5, 2014

6MMRPC: Week 5 (Zombtober week 1)

It's been a bit of a bust this week hobby wise. I received a call at lunch time on monday from an old employer who needed an emergency hire to replace an instructor who left. Tuesday morning at 0700 I was teaching. Needless to say, besides the fact I'm working more than full time for the next few months, it was a busy week.

I did a little work on some previous projects to try and clean the table, but no one wants to see's ZOMBTOBER!

I pulled out a bunch of rebel mini figs that I got AGES ago. It's part of the ambush z starter box. 44 zombies and some living is a pretty good deal, unfortunately back in the day the selection was more limited. I have a number of duplicates of each pose....which works for some, but some will be very obvious. The fireman and cop for instance don't lend themselves well to a different paint job to hide the duplication.

I blasted the group with some airbrush primer. I'm rather liking this, as you have a lot more control to hit all the nooks and crannies, and it has a much less repulsive smell that disappears quicker. This is a big deal in an apartment (I may have said this before). I have discovered that the primer is on there less well though. During the heavy drybrushing to highlight details (easier to paint, and helps when painting light colours on the black) some of the primer was chipped off. Need to be cognizant of this I guess.

I guess this counts formally as a zombtober failure, as I didn't get my 1 zombie painted this week. If I squint a bit I could probably successfully argue that I'm at least 2-3% done each fig, times by 44 and I'm sure I hit 100% there (*cough*). Hopefully the coming week will see some more success. 


  1. Looking good mate! Glad I'm not the only one with a massive horde to finish! Rebel Minis...are these the 15mm ones?

  2. I suppose I could have been more clear about the scale. Yes, they are 15mm. I'll have to get some close ups when they are done. There are some interesting and characterful sculpts.

  3. That's a lot of zombies! Thanks for the comments on spray priming in an apartment... that used to be a real hassle for me, and continues to be for many people, I'm sure.

    Thanks for your comment on my sci-fi figures, I thought you might find this useful:

    1. Thanks for the link Allison. It's a great piece of hobby craftiness you've figured out there.