Sunday, October 19, 2014

6MMRPC: Week 7 - almost bust

October continues to be a disappointing productivity month. I thought I had done nothing at all this week, but then I remembered I had brought figs over to my mother's house at the beginning of the week. Not the zombies I should be working on (and thereby failing the zombtober challenge part) but a pittance of work none the less.

 These are the next batch of Russian napoleonics that are in progress. They are jaeger, who look almost identical to the line, except (mostly) for black harness instead of white.

The 3 fig per strip are perry metals, the guys in the forage caps (which are also appropriate for line) are perry plastics.

I took two shots to show the WIP on the black. Not quite done them all with that colour.

I'm a bit disappointed in this week, but honestly it was a nightmare week with multiple visits to the emerg department, and suddenly had the job of cooking (Canadian) Thanksgiving dinner devolve to me. What is it with this month anyway?

In related news, I got to play in a big Napoleonics game on saturday which will be posted up shortly. This was totally worth losing painting time for.

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