Monday, February 4, 2013

Blightstone Keep: Wheel of Magic and Rusting! (2)

I continue to make progress on the tower. I've managed to paint the wheel of magic (having some warhammer Fantasy Roleplay books to consult helped). I'm hoping with some ink washes and adding some metalics for the trim it will help this pop.

My yellows ended up being a total disappointment and hard to work with. I ended up tossing 3 paints (I vaguely remember trying to paint with yellow and being totally disappointed in my skill......I now realize it's both hard to paint with yellow AND I had totally sub par equipment).

 I've started to add some colour to other interesting bits on the tower. I wanted it to look as if it was poorly painted over the stone, or that the paint has faded.

The problem with this is that it may also just look like I have no idea how to paint. *Sigh*. I do think it is better to have some subtle colour on there instead of bold murals on the outside. I'd like the strongest colour to come from the circle inside.

You can see the terrible coverage of the yellow on the griffon on the second story. This is when I basically gave up with my current paint and decided to toss it.

I was also delayed in my progress waiting for this gem to arrive. Rust effects by Model mates. I can't remember how I stumbled across this link, but the short youtube video had me very interested. I ended up ordering through Firestorm games, as finding a supplier in North America seemed challenging and they offered free worldwide shipping with a minimum order (*cough cough, not hard to be twisted into that*).

I tested on the exposed bands of iron on the top floor. Painted right over black primer I was fairly pleased with how easy and good this looks. It's a fairly thick fluid, but certainly not gloopy or sludgey. I think you can continue to build up the effect, but a single heavy application got the effect I was looking for.

 I proceeded to apply the rust effects to all the iron rings, chains, and the front gate. I aimed to have obvious runoff from the disintegrating iron that is staining other places. Not sure If I'm totally happy with the threshold under the gate, but it will be fine for the time being.

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