Sunday, February 24, 2013

Mobi Lens!

I recently received my reward for backing a kickstart for a attachable lens for cell phones, tablets, etc. It's known as the mobi lens. Considering a do a vast majority of my picture taking (in particular my hobby pictures) I was intrigued by the macro lens option.

The Mobi lens is a clip on lens that fits many platforms. I popped it on my laptop the other day during a skype conversation and was quite impressed with the increased viewing with the panoramic shot. I snagged a few pics immediately after opening it in a restaurant I was at.

Here we can see the panoramic lens with a before and after shot. The target point is roughly the same, but there is a dramatic increase in field. Not really useful for most of my shots....but it might be helpful when I go on road trips.

The more interesting function is the macro lens. You simply unscrew the panoramic lens, and it converts over to the macro (2 lens in one!). I was surprised how close you need to hold the camera to achieve a sharp focus, but the magnification is quite pronounced.

I've tested the macro with a few of my nerd figures recently painted. They are 15mm naps (which will figure in some up coming posts on what I've been working on). Interesting to me was the blurring that occurs in front and behind the focus point. I beleive it's called depth of field, and boy oh boy does the macro lens not have any. It does create an interesting effect through when taking pictures. I'm sure with a better camera app, or even a real camera I could play around with this effect intentionally rather than stumbling around with happenstance pics.

As a smaller picture they don't look too bad. I can see when they are enlarged that the blurring starts to detract from them a fair amount. I may have to play around a lot more with the lens.......and perhaps it's time to investigate camera apps.

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