Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Front Rank Russian Horse Artillery (28mm Napoleonics)

At last I've managed to finish off these figs. They were 'under way' when I totally fell off the 6mmrpc wagon as I geared up to move. It's great to be getting some painting done again, though still a bit challenging with all the time demands of living in a new town/home/job.

There seems to be a curious absence of Russian horse artillery produced by the big players (Victrix, Perrys, Warlord) so when I finally found a producer, I snapped up 2 sets. The guns are actually from my box of warlord russian artillery, as I felt a smaller calibre made more sense for the horse. The foot ended up with a big cannons that I also ordered from Front rank.

Overall the castings were varied, easy to clean, and seem pretty crisp. Fun figs to paint up actually, and having a distinct set of headgear will attract some attention I'm sure.


  1. These look great mate. My old 15mm russian horse arti (Sheesh.... can they be from 20 years ago???) never looked so crisp.

    Is the green of the gun carriages that bright in real life? Or is it just the pics?

  2. Thanks Dai. These are 28's so definitely easier to make crisp. I have some 15mm naps under the knife though, so they should show up eventually.

    The green is a pretty unearthly hue. I grabbed the wrong one to start, so between inking in green and highlighting a tone up it ended up......neon?