Thursday, February 11, 2016

Basic Fire & Fury: Gettysburg day 1 (pt 1)

Nate managed to host another game at the friendly local game store. We played some basic Fire and Fury (as opposed to the newer Regimental F&F), with a minor rule change for faster play/resolution.
The game was set up as the 1st day of Gettysberg, with the Confederates holding a manpower advantage and needing to strike hard towards the town, and displace the blocking union forces. Joel and myself took the Confederates while Nate and a fellow and is son whose names I forgot took the union.

I have never played F&F but was familiar with the rules, having read them. Nate tells me that it's very common for fire fights to bog down to both sides getting disorder and not much happening. As a result, a rule mod was used where disordered units that take another disorder will lose a base instead. It seemed to work very well, and I can really see how it would drag on without this mod.

On the left the confederates have 4 brigades and a cannon advancing on 2 union and a cannon. Another confederate brigade and cannon and moving over the hill in the middle left, planning on flanking the defenders.

Centrally, there is 2 brigades and mounted unit advancing on the town. A long column of union is at the top. 3 brigades perhaps? On the right there are 3 confederates and a cannon versus the same in union forces, which occupy a strong defensive hill position.....obviously the central forces will need to assist this push.

Left flank. My command includes some crack units. Historically this flank was a bit of a walkover attack. I just need to avoid taking too much damage.

I also grabbed the central advance, which would need to both slow the union, and assist Joel in his attack. 

 On the right, Joel is facing a tough slog through some light woods into the teeth of the union.

On the left the  confederates put the union under a ton of pressure very very quickly.

Enfilading fire, two cannon, and a supported attack in the woods leads to rapid gains.

In fact, in a few short turns, the union brigade in the woods is vaporized, and the confederates are marching fast to envelope the union on BOTH sides.

In the centre, two brigades of confederates shake out into line to face off against the advancing union. The union is racing to support the collapsing left, but is forced to put up some troops to face this weak assault.

The mounted troops used used as they should be, with a rapid advance. In a gambit, high risk gamble, they advance down the road, over the bridge, and park themselves upon the flank of the union defenses on the right flank.

The confederate assault on this position is attempting a wrap around attack, and the union faces a tough decision on what to attack. We are at a turning point in our game. The cannon spins and gives the horse a taste of grapeshot....but, miraculously, the cavalry doesn't rout, instead they are shaken and disordered.


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    1. Thanks Phil, I wish I could say any of it belonged to me. Nate has an effective selection of terrain, and some good looking figs painted up.