Sunday, May 29, 2016

Russian to the front....

Pardon the terrible pun, but I managed to finish my cossacks literally seconds before stepping out the door to catch a ferry to the enfilade convention.

 Doug (Dots of Paint) convinced 6 of us to all paint contigents of troops to help populate his Borodino battle field. After promptly finishing off my first allotment of troops, I went for a stretch goal and added a number of troops including these cossacks. Many have fallen by the wayside, but not these fine fellows.

The cossacks are from the Perry's. A mix of the regulation don cossacks as well as those in winter gear firing pistols (fun models indeed).

Their commander is Platov from Front Rank. As a cossack general I decided to forgo the Russian green and use some blue. I understand he may be lifted from an actual oil painting.

I will get some pictures from the convention up later this week. Enjoy for now....

1 comment:

  1. I like em Dave. Loads of character and painted just right.

    Looking forward to seeing those Con pics.