Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Enfilade 2016: Random Picture Roundup

This is just a collection of random pics I took during the event. Nice looking tables of games I didn't have a chance to play.

 Star wars armada. Looked like a tremendous hairball of small fighters later in the game.
 Some fun racing boat game. I think this makes a regular appearance at conventions.
 A very cool table top, C and C routered out of a single piece of 8x4 plywood. The apartments fit into recessed grooves. This game was based on "Gangs of New York" and was a straight up fight. I think the rules may have been published in a wargaming magazine at one point.

Lion rampant. I failed to get into this game as I had a brain fart about signing up for the 1st period of gaming on Friday. Looked like a fun game was done in a very timely fashion. I look forward to a chance to try these rules out. 
 An epic "Sails of Glory" set up for trafalgar. This was played over 2 blocks (~8 hours of gaming). The french eventually managed to capture the Victory and slip some ships off the appropriate side of the table.
 One of numerous English civil war games. The game mat looked great for this one.
 Mustangs air game. Nice flak bursts and very large ship models.
 Another fine piece of eye candy. Based on a roman vs Gaul siege. This was early in setup and there were a ton of gauls.....and fast casualties. By the end the board was looking sparse with troops again.

Did a walkby of this one. Gloire maybe? A enviable inn to have a fight in. 

Pulp alley with Space 1889. These are fantastic cloud ships. I was committed to the Borodino game (to be recounted in a future post), otherwise I would have been all over this. 

Super spies I believe. I'd guess 7TV, but I suspect it was some other rule set. Lean amount of terrain but it looks really good. 

Some sort of cowboys vs aliens (that's a crashed ufo in the smoke). 

A hudson and allen castle. I've been looking covetously at one of these for a long time. Seeing it in the flesh doesn't really change my mind. Marvelous stuff. The hoardings are an optional piece (actual wood) which I believe (?) can be lifted off.


  1. Those are some fab looking games and tables.

    Much as I love Armada, don't fancy playing that many ships on such a small playspace though - so crowded, there's no room for maneuvering!

    I think you'll like Lion Rampant. Dragon Rampant is same rules, but makes it so one doesn't have to stick to one genre or unit size either, so potentially, putting together a viable force for a regular sized game is very affordable in the scheme of things.

    1. I'm definitely appreciating the move towards large bases with lots of troops that stay on the table until suddenly removed. It can be so finicky removing one fig/casting at a time. Also, it's hard on the paint jobs.

      Any thoughts of KOW vs Lion/Dragon Rampant? I think there's some folks not too far away playing the former.

  2. Kings of War seems to be for larger Warhammer Fantasy style games. I've yet to play it, but it looked like simple fun when I watched part of a game at my lgs. Mantic put out some fun figs too and have a plethora of armies to choose from.

    Dragon Rampant is a different kettle of fish. More a skirmish game with a regular game each side fields maybe 30-40 minis depending on game size and what your army contains. Best part about these rules is that you don't even have to buy any new minis to make an army - just grab a bunch of your already painted stuff and rpg minis and the rules allow you to create a small warband. Far less painting this way. :)

    1. O and to clarify, I HAVE played Lion Rampant (and have Dragon Rampant forces ready to game with in the very near future.) and it's loads of fun. Plus the rulebook is is maybe $15, so not a bad deal there either. :)