Sunday, July 19, 2015

Week 7 6MMRPC: Vietnam Artillery Position

1/72 artillery piece
This week has be 'basing hell'. Fairly boring work that doesn't keep my attention, so I wander away from it a lot. I'm holding off on posting pics of some other minis until they are totally done. In the meantime, I've recently finished off a firing position.

Thomas (Peabody) scratch built an area of fortifications and then (most cleverly!) made molds in poly-urethane. When I went over to cast some rock formations (from woodland scenic molds), we made up a bunch of fortification bits. The painted examples should be landing in the next month or so. He does have intentions of selling some sets, so if you are interested I could pass on his contact info.

 The join between peices looks super rough, but in the next ones I'm working on I've rubbed sand into the milliput filler, so it looks much smoother.

This is what it looks like when you start assembly.


  1. Very nice - I could also see these easily used as a version for 15mm WW2 desert gun pits.

  2. Definitely. I think fortifications haven't really changed much since ww1.