Sunday, July 12, 2015

Week 6 MMRPC: Bones Oxidation Beast, Kord, and treasure chest

The classic D&D rust monster...but in non-patented form. This was a fun bug that defied finishing for awhile. I wasn't quite sure how to avoid making him super muddy. Not sure that I succeeded, but the milliput base, and some cut up plastic weapons loaded with rust effects help break up the beasts colour, and give a bit of explanation.

A less good second picture. Obviously not his most photogenic side.

Also finished this week (and again a struggle to complete) was Kord. A barbarian. Ummmm. His axe continually creeps to an annoying bed. I forgot to paint the cord wrapping his scabbard a real colour (instead of overpaint mixed with heavy inking). Otherwise he turned out well enough. Can't say the sculpt really calls to me.

Sometimes you have to ask, what do we fight for? Treasure should be the obvious answer. For those looking deeper, the answer would be a intriguing shaped oil lamp that may grant your deepest desires (like all your minis painted).


  1. Rare to see Rust Monsters, let alone cool painted ones. I need to include one in my next rpg adventure.

    Barbarian is... a crappy sculpt. I'd have struggled to put my best efforts into that mini too. Regardless, he looks pretty cool. I like the green runes on that sword.

    Treasure! I need that mini!

    1. The treasure chest is bones as well. Not sure what set it's from though. I can't imagine it'd sell just on its own (it's smallish).

      The green is fluo green from vallejo.

  2. Rust Monsters have always been one of my favorite D&D monsters (stirges too). I loved the illustrations from the old monster manuals, where it looked like it had a propeller on the end of its tail.

    1. I tried to look up the image and found it on wikipedia. Interestingly a lot of the strange monsters were inspired by a bag of cheap plastic 'dinosaurs' used as game pieces. I can totally imagine indistinct blobby plastic toys with strange flash inspiring a lot of these thing.