Thursday, July 9, 2015

6MMRPC Week 5.5: Bones NovaCorp Quick paint

Well.....It wasn't actually done quickly. I've been plunking away at these guys for a few weeks now. I really can't seem to focus work on anything for very long, so I often have endless half finished projects on the go. These guys were in the roster for the Caffeineforge weekly paint up (on hiatus at the moment).

 A trial model, the sergeant, was done a few weeks ago, so it was pretty easy to replicate, and bang out, the remaining guys. I botched the bright green a few times until I rediscovered what I'd used. And, typically for bones, the faces of the helmetless mooks are pretty poor castings. These guys were finished much quicker than normal for me (actual elapsed working time), so I'm pretty happy with their passable tabletop standard. Also that's 9 more Bones done, which is a nice bump to my low numbers this year so far.


  1. Purple is a nice idea. Am still on the fence as to what colour to paint my own Novas....

    1. David did some nice ones in blue.

      Palleton is sorta fun to play with.
      This is a decent article on colour theory. I'm sorta tempted to get a colour wheel to help me choose colours easier. My choices here were close to a triad (purple yellow green).